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ChainGPT employs a simple three-tiered membership structure designed to make its tools accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

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3-Tier Membership System 🙋‍♂️

Every membership level requires users to have an account with ChainGPT. Instantiating accounts unlocks the full spectrum of functionality and is a simple process that takes a few seconds of linking a Web3 wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow wallet, etc.). As soon as a wallet is connected, an account is created, and users are able to click on the top right of their screens to inspect their profiles.

1️⃣ Free Plan:

ChainGPTs entry-level membership that contains the basic configuration of four functions granted to every account.

Restricted from advanced applications, the free plan provides limited access to the General AI model (chatbot), the news feed, the Ask Crypto People app, Single NFT Generation, and participation in the prompt marketplace.

2️⃣ PPP (Pay Per Prompt) Plan

Flexible, unlimited access to the entire ChainGPT application suite with no commitments required. Pay as you go only for what you need.

The pay-per-prompt plan offers unlimited, flexible access to the entire application suite. Smart Contact auditing and generations, multi-NFT (collection) generation, the trading assistant, as well as everything in the free plan.

3️⃣ Freemium Plan

Unlimited premium access, with revolving monthly CGPTc balance refills.

To acquire the Freemium membership users are required to stake $CGPT tokens and accumulate >200,000 CGPTsp (staking points). Once 200,000 staking points are attained, users accounts will be credits with 20,000 CGPTc (credits) that they can use in any way they find fit. These credits do not roll over and are topped back up every month.

Being a freemium-level member grants users the right to submit proposals to the ChainGPT DAO for community members to vote on.

Product Pricing 💸

ChainGPT leverages an extremely flexible pricing model to be as inclusive as possible while providing maximal value to the users with higher demands.

Effectively there are two calibers of pricing, free, those that require nothing and per call, those that require the consumption of CGPTc.

Chatbot — Free
News Model — Free
Ask Crypto People — Free
NFT Generator (Single) — Free
Prompt Marketplace Access — Free

NFT Generator (Collection) — 2 CGPTc / NFT
Smart-Contract Auditor — 5 CGPTc / request
Smart-Contract Generator — 1 CGPTc / request
AI Trading Assistant — 1 CGPTc / request

What is CGPTc ❓

CGPTc or ChainGPT credits are the units of account and consumption for the ChainGPT ecosystem applications.

Hard pegged to 1CGPTc being equal to $0.01, they are a measure of how much buying power a user has at any given moment.

CGPTc’s are acquired by converting $CGPT tokens.

To see the full breakdown of each membership level’s benefits please refer to the official 🔖pricing guide here 🔖

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