June Monthly Recap — ChainGPT

Summer time Madness!

ChainGPT is growing at an unprecedented rate! New products, new partnerships, $CGPT campaigns as far as the blockchain can see!

June was a phenomenal month that brought ChainGPT and its suite of AI powered service to the next level; our community is growing exponentially, our technology is setting records, and our professional presence is becoming recognized across every major Web3 platform.

🌉 Bridging $CGPT to Ethereum w/ ChainPort

Viva Ethereum! Through a partnership with ChainPort, a bridge for the $CGPT token has been deployed between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. Now users will be able to leverage both the BEP-20 and the ERC-20 standard version to conduct their transactions and AI related operations.
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👨‍🚀 ChainGPT x Kyber Network $CGPT Campaign

Kyber Network and ChainGPT collaborated on a social DEFI quest aptly named: “Journey into BNB: The ChainGPT Quest For An Exclusive NFT”. Lasting for nearly the entire month of June, over 1,414 users participated earned their NFTs and claimed a slice of the $5,000 $CGPT prize pool.
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🌊 $CGPT Staking Capacity Increase

After a 72 hour voting period took place on DAO proposal #4; the community signaled an overwhelming 97.44% support rate for an expansion of the $CGPT staking pools. Increasing them by over 50%, the proposals effectively added capacity for over 3.5 million more tokens to be staked.
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🥩 $CGPT Staking Pools get Filled

After the Capacity expansion, all of the pent up demand came flooding into the $CGPT staking modules maxing out capacity on the 45, 180, and 365 days and locking up the final round of the early-stage High APY pools!
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🧠ChainGPT x KuCoin L2E Campaign

KuCoin, one of the worlds most reputable crypto exchanges, and ChainGPT collaborated on a educational campaign to teach users about AR/VR AI and the Metaverse. Launching a four-day learn-to-earn campaign, a total of 8,576 users joined in to compete for the $9,000 worth of crypto prizes.
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🎤 KuCoin Global AMA

KuCoin Global, the international arm of KuCoin, hosted a fireside Ask Me Anything jam session with the founder of ChainGPT, Ilan Rakhmanov. Many questions were answered and ideas were shared.
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🎤 KuCoin Russia AMA

KuCoin’s Russian community opened up their official telegram channel to to ChainGPT. We had an opportunity to answer some of their most commonly asked questions about the project and its development.
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🛫 Launchpad Reveal Announced

The ChainGPT Pad has been announced! With four projects already going through incubation in preparation for the IDOs, the upcoming release of our launchpad has brought a new wave of excited participants and even added a new module for the $CGPT tokens applications!
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🔥 200k $CGPT Buyback and Burn

DAO Proposal #6 was cast to halt the community burn event of proposal #3 and engage in a global 200,000 $CGPT buyback and burn. After garnering 100% support from the community, the supply contraction has been completed!
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🐣 Incubation announced: DexCheck

We revealed our first official incubation partner, DexCheck. The AI-powered trading platform caught our attention and inspired us to bring them into the ChainGPT ecosystem to provide support on their journey. After completing our rigorous due diligence processes, DexCheck will be plugging into our extensive network of mentors to supercharge their operations and come to market with a lasting impact.
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🤩 Over 2,000,000 NFTs created in ChainGPT AI NFT Generator

June has been a record setting month in terms of the utilization of the ChainGPT AI NFT generator. Blasting through 1,250,000 mark, the exponential growth of the generator has flooded the $CGPT community with over 100,000 new users that are now weekly transforming their ideas into breathtaking artwork.
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🚀 RocketX Launches ChainGPT AI ChatBot

RocketX, the exchange aggregator, has integrated the ChainGPT AI chatbot into its telegram community group. Thousands of their users will now be able to tap into the dynamic database of ChainGPT to have all of their crypto, blockchain, and Web3 questions answered!
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🐣 Incubation Reveal: Solidus AI Tech

ChainGPT revealed our second official incubation project, Solidus AI Tech. Their world-class team, clear vision, and applications to solving real-world problem across a multitude of core economic sectors has guaranteed them a place in the ChainGPT ecosystem. Passing our quality assurance with flying colors, Solidus AI Tech will be receiving full support on their journey.

🤖 ChainGPT AI Model Is Explained

ChainGPT dives in to explore the thinking that when into the architecture and design of the ChainGPT AI Model. Digging into the eight foundational principles including NLP, Machine Learning, Transformer Architecture, Pre-Trained Language Model, Generative Modeling, Fine-Tuning, Tokenization, and Contextual Awareness, our community can now see what we are building.
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🌊 $CGPT/$BUSD Migration BiSwap from V2 to V3

BiSwap as upgraded its systems and released the AMM V3 model. Signaling support for their new infrastructure, ChainGPT has migrated its liquidity pool from V2 to V3. Single transaction LPing, lower slippage, tighter spread, 0% trading fees, a new era of capital efficiency has arrive for $CGPT on BiSwap.
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👨‍🌾 ChainGPT Wins Farm Auction on PancakeSwap

ChainGPT won the Pancake Swap Farm Auction #35 with a bid of 11,000 $CAKE tokens. For 10 days the $CGPT/$BUSD liquidity providers will be earning a boosted yield on the trades going through the token pairing and earning a bonus portion of the 117.76 $CAKE per day of sweet farm yield!
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