NextGemAI: ChainGPT Pad’s Latest IDO Launch

Introducing Your AI Crypto Project Expert

ChainGPT Pad is back in action with another exciting IDO: NextGemAI!

It’s a Web3-AI platform that uses powerful trained technologies and AI models to deliver up-to-date, precise, and trustworthy data analysis of projects across multiple blockchains.  NextGemAI merges blockchain and AI tech to provide insight into potential investment opportunities.

Learn more about participating in the upcoming IDO by visiting this link.

Insight into the Inner Workings of the AI Model

NextGemAI uses AI models that simultaneously process outsourced data from Web3 news sources and resources like CoinMarketCap and deliver output. 

This data comprises market cap analysis for the crypto projects and market trends, official documents, whitepapers, and other information. Once the data is obtained, it’s fed into the platform's database (MongoDB), which is, in turn, fed to the AI models. They include a Large Language Model (LLM), GROK, Gemini, Mistral, and GPT. 

The final output is arranged using a grading system that scores and categorizes it, then displayed simply on the user's interface.

The Grading System

NextGemAI, despite processing thousands of complex data, uses a simplified grading system that ensures that anyone, regardless of how familiar they are with Web3 projects, can understand if a project is a good or bad investment.

It does this through a system of grading that first analyzes how a crypto project is faring in the market on various blockchains, using factors like the team’s project, the backend solidity, and even utilizing social media as a means of understanding other users' perspectives about that specific project.

The platform's custom LLM and AI models each carefully track real-time trends and assess the project in 49 different categories.

NextGemAI Potential Influence on The Blockchain Ecosystem

By leveraging AI's analytical capabilities, investors can make more informed decisions and quickly identify lucrative opportunities, circumventing the vast amounts of data required to be processed to make an informed decision.

It’s likely to be useful in managing risks associated with investment portfolios. Through its predictive modeling, NextGemAI can identify potential risks early on, enabling investors to take proactive measures to mitigate them. 

Ideally, NextGemAI will level the playing field by reducing the monopolization of information surrounding crypto projects; it aims to give less skilled investors information that was initially privileged to experts who have made their trading successful.

Studying The Economic Model of NextGemAI

The NextGemAI platform uses a token called $GEMAI; it currently has a total supply of 850 million tokens that are allocated for various uses, which are:

Technology and Infrastructure 5%

Here, 42,500,000 tokens will be used to develop, maintain, and scale the platform's technological infrastructure. This includes funding for software development, server maintenance, security enhancements, and technological upgrades necessary for the platform's operation and growth. 

Marketing and Community Growth 10%

This allocation supports marketing efforts and fostering community growth. 85,000,000 $GEMAI will go into advertising campaigns, social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and community engagement initiatives.

Ecosystem Incentives and Rewards 14.5%

15% of tokens will be given as incentives to encourage users to participate within the platform's ecosystem. 127,500,000 tokens will be awarded to users for various activities such as contributing content, participating in governance processes, or achieving certain milestones. 

Staking Rewards 9.5% 

This allocation is reserved for users who decide to use their token stake. They lock up their assets for a specified period to contribute to platform liquidity and stability. In return, stalkers receive additional tokens, with 85,000,000 tokens allocated for staking rewards.

Team & Advisors 10%

These tokens (85,000,000 $GEMAI) will be given to the NextGemAI project team and advisors for their contributions. The tokens are typically vested over a period to align the interests of team members and advisors with the project's long-term success. 

Private Round 12% 

This portion of tokens (102,000,000 $GEMAI) is reserved for the initial private sale round, which targets strategic investors and key opinion leaders (KOLs). Private sale participants typically receive tokens at a discounted price as a reward for their early support and investment in the project. 

Public Round 19% 

These tokens are allocated for sale during the public sale round, allowing a broader audience of investors to purchase tokens at market price. The public sale of 153,000,000 $GEMAI aims to increase token distribution and community engagement by offering tokens to more participants. 

Liquidity 10%

85,000,000 $GEMAI provides liquidity for the project's tokens on exchanges and within the ecosystem. Adequate liquidity ensures that tokens can be easily bought and sold, facilitating price discovery and smooth user trading activities. 

Platform Development Fund 5% 

These tokens (42,500,000 $GEMAI) are reserved for future development efforts, including implementing new features, fine-tuning machine learning models, integrating advanced technologies, and other enhancements to the platform. 

Operational Reserve 5%  

42,500,000 $GEMAI is allocated as a reserve fund to cover unforeseen expenses and operational costs, ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the platform.

$GEMAI Token: The Currency to Access NextGemAI

$GEMAI is the native token of this AI model; it comes with various uses within the platform ecosystem, which are:

  • Premium Access
  • Token Burning Mechanism
  • Deflationary Design
  • Transition to Locking Model
  • Balancing User Benefits and Operational Efficiency

Premium Access

With unique features like Custom LLMs, users must purchase $GEMAI tokens to unlock these features.

Deflationary Design

The deflationary design of the token ensures that the platform grows steadily while the tokens' value increases; this happens when the total number of tokens reduces over time due to burning, meaning each token becomes more valuable due to its limited supply.

Transition to Locking Model

Once the burning of the token stops, $GEMAI will move to lock tokens. Here users will lock their tokens for a set amount of time to access premium services, balancing out the system and ensuring tokens are used responsibly.

NextGemAI Roadmap

Having achieved all the developmental growth in 2023's fourth quarter, NextGemAI's team looks to achieve rapid development to actualize the launch. The platform's goals for the first quarter of 2024 are:

Q1 2024:

  • Creating smart contracts for the $GEMAI token on Ethereum.
  • Initiating the Burning mechanism for premium NextGemAI's services.
  • Getting NextGemAI’s project on various social media platforms to enhance visibility and securing partnerships to facilitate the debut of the $GEMAI token with influencers and venture capitalists.
  • Implementing NextGemAI's customized Large Language Model (LLM) through the Premium service using the on-chain contract accessible on the online application.
  • Initiating the release of the NextGemAI's token into the market by launching it through either a FairLaunch or a decentralized launchpad in collaboration with partners.
  • Utilizing a Uniswap pool to deploy liquidity, facilitating the buying and selling of the $GEMAI token, with the liquidity locked for three years upon initiation.

Getting to Know the NextGemAI's Leader

Frederick Marinho(CEO): LinkedIn

Accomplished senior software engineer with over a decade of industry experience and a notable graduate of École 42, France's premier engineering school. Founder of Merkle Tech Capital, a pioneering firm in web3 technologies. Spearheaded the development and launch of the GLQ no-code protocol, achieving an impressive market capitalization of $60 million. Possesses an extensive and diverse network within the cryptocurrency sector, encompassing market makers, significant exchanges, and influential figures, ensuring a deep and comprehensive engagement in the evolving web3 landscape.


NextGemAI has the potential to forever change the process of cryptocurrency research with its AI capabilities and forward-looking approach. As digital assets become more in demand, the need for sophisticated tools that can navigate the market becomes increasingly important.

Participate in the upcoming IDO by visiting this link.

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