OMNIA Protocol Awarded $25k Grant from ChainGPT

We’re excited to announce that OMNIA Protocol, a pioneering RPC provider, has been awarded a $25k grant as part of the ChainGPT’s $1 Million Web3-AI Grant Program. This grant recognizes OMNIA Protocol's innovative approach to blockchain accessibility and its potential to reshape how decentralized services are monetized.

OMNIA Protocol: The New Standard for Blockchain Interaction

OMNIA Protocol offers a unified interface that blends decentralization with top-tier functionality. Utilizing MEV strategies, OMNIA allows Web3 entities like wallets, dApps, and DEXes to maximize infrastructure monetization.

This RPC provider stands out by incentivizing the community to operate various types of nodes, thereby maintaining decentralization while clustering these resources into a single, efficient network. This model not only ensures robust security features but also maximizes the benefits extracted from the infrastructure, making blockchain interactions seamless and more profitable for all users.

OMNIA Protocol is already prototyping a product that leverages Large Language Models (LLM) called OMNIA Protocol Expert that is able to inform you if your DeFi transactions have been front-runned or not. The next step is to leverage ChainGPT's LLM to provide state-of-the-art insights on DeFi activity and much more, as simple as asking a question to your fancy smartwatch.

Key Innovations and Benefits

Robust RPC Infrastructure: Ensures secure and compliant blockchain interactions.

Decentralized Node Incentivization: Strengthens the network by encouraging community-run nodes.

MEV Infrastructure Monetization: Captures and redistributes value to enhance user gains. The more you trade through OMNIA, the more you gain.

Staking Nodes: Provides opportunities for token holders to earn rewards by participating in network support, and let OMNIA monetize their unused RPC or hardware resources.

OMNIA tackles the critical challenge of fragmented RPC services by offering a solution that marries decentralized frameworks with high-end functionalities otherwise available only through centralized providers.


  • Reached over 15 million users since its MVP launch.
  • Processes $3.2 billion in transaction volumes monthly.
  • Maintained a 100% uptime record, even during peak periods of congestion.
  • Introduced one of the first tools for checking frontrunning risks.
  • Expanded support to over 45 blockchain networks, including mainnet and testnet environments.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, OMNIA aims to introduce multi-chain private mempools, enhance node relay options, and expand blockchain network support based on community feedback. The partnership with ChainGPT allows OMNIA to explore cutting-edge approaches in MEV extraction, by fine-tuning models that would be able to predict short-term DeFi trades and pioneer multi-block MEV. These initiatives are part of OMNIA’s roadmap towards creating an omnipotent service model by 2024.

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About ChainGPT

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About OMNIA Protocol

OMNIA is a leading RPC provider specializing in decentralized physical infrastructures (dePIN), offering unique incentives, rich features such as custom RPC or security checks. Their user base is currently exceeding 3.4 million monthly active users and they’re currently processing over $3.2 Billion monthly in volumes.