Openfabric AI IDO on ChainGPT Pad

What is Openfabric AI?

As a decentralized layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to facilitate trade activity relating to AI services for the private and public sectors, Openfabric AI is the platform enabling a new generation of innovation by rehypothecating the applications of artificial intelligence through the lens of openness, accessibility, and auditability.

Openfabric AI Features and Functions

Synthesizing the best of what Blockchain and AI have to offer, Openfabric AI’s system has six definitive features and functions that make it stand out.

🤖 Commoditizing Access to AI
By reducing the infrastructural costs for running customized AI and simplifying the technicalities, Openfabric is abstract away complexity and inviting a new caliber of market participants into the fray.

👥Community As as Innovation Engine
Collective Intelligence will always prove to be more resilient, balanced, and permanent than that of a select group. Openfabric taps into the social elements that drives innovation to supercharge its ecosystem.

💹 Decentralized Marketplace
An interface for transacting that is secured by the logic of smart contract deployed to the blockchain. Leveraging the open, transparent, permanence of blockchain technology, Openfabric AI will provide a secure environment for the direct exchange of assets between parties.

🌌 Endless Scalability
Openfabric has been carefully architected to support ecosystems of arbitrary size or computational demand without overloading the network.

🤝 Trusted, Undeniable, and Reliable
Inheriting the open benefits of blockchain technologies, all of the AI activity that takes place within Openfabric will always be auditable by the public and therefore adherent to a higher level of accountability. This in turn creates a positive feedback loop for building trust.

🧬AI Interoperable
Openfabric AI has developed a method that allowed AI agent to connect to one another and build on each others functionality without having to worry about the technical nuances of the individual systems.


Networks and technologies that have already been integrated into Openfabric AI’s stack.


Who is the team behind Openfabric AI?

Superstars from the worlds of crypto, blockchain, Web3 and AI have come together to synthesize their skills and knowledge in order to realize the vision of Openfabric AI.

Andrei Tara | Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Tech Entrepreneur & Polymath. Core Developer Elrond, Blockchain Researcher SkyyNetwork. CEO & Founder BuyPal, TLabs. BS CS, MSc CS, PhD candidate CS.

Ion Ceban | Core Developer
Core Developer Elrond, CTO Pacioli, Co-founder & Software Engineer TLabs, BS CS, MSc CS

Nicolae Natea | Core Developer
Real-time Software Engineer AUSY, Embedded Systems Pentalog & Continental, IoT expert, BS CS, MSc CS.

Ioan Taban | Business Development Manager
Technical Manager Compa (Bosch, Honeywell, DMG MORI), BS & MSc Business Engineering.

Ovidiu Costea | AI/ML Engineer
AI/ML engineer Connatix, Data Scientist Inspiricon AG, BA Information Technology.

David Costello | Growth & Marketing
Founder PragueDAO, Director Founder Institute, Head of Growth at Kenshō Health, Social Manager DAOstack.

Cristina Vasiu | Research Engineer
Previously worked at Tlabs

Nicu Taban | Research Engineer
Previously worked at Tlabs

More information about each team member, as well as links to their social media please refer to their official website 🌐 and scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, refer to the official 📃 Openfabric PitchDeck


Layout of the professional relationships already established between Openfabric AI and other active industry participants.

5ire | Router Protocol | Valist | Datality | Reef | IPFS | API3 | DeepSquare | UTU | Radom Network | Natix | DataUnion | DigiFinex | IllumishareSrg | Caduceus | API3 | Reef | zkSync | Genesis Cloud

Openfabric AI Tokenomics

The economic system of the Openfabric AI tokens.

Token name: OFN Token
Token Ticker: $OFN
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Token Standard: Binance Smart Chain

$ OFN Token Distribution/Allocation:

  • 5.0% Seed Round
  • 14.8% Private Sale
  • 1.2% KOL’s Round
  • 4.0% Public Sale
  • 18% Team & Advisors
  • 2% Marketing
  • 7% Liquidity
  • 5% Partners
  • 10% Innovators Fund
  • 33% ecosystem

Utilities of the $OFN token

Applications and benefits of Openfabric AI’s native token.

Capital commitments, pledging the locking of value into the ecosystem

Incentives for users to interact with the Openfabric ecosystem.

Method of conducing commercial activities that is denominated, accounted, and settled in the Openfabric AI token.

Access to the DAO and acquisition of governance rights. Voting, Proposing, and helping steer the direction of the project via community coordination.

IDO Specifications

Details about the Initial Dex Offering on ChainGPT Pad:

Price at Launch: $0.06
Total Allocation: $150,000
Total Token Supply: $
Date of Launch: October 17, 2023

Start Date: October 17
Start Time: 12:00 PM UTC

Registration Starts:
October 16: 12:00 PM UTC

Round 1: Guaranteed [24hrs]
October 17: 12:00 PM UTC — October 18: 12:00 PM UTC
Round 2: FCFS [12hrs]
October 18: 12:00 PM UTC  —  October 19: 12:00 AM UTC

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