Participating in ChainGPT Pad IDOs: Your Guide to the Leading Web3 Launchpad

Introduction: Pioneering the IDO Landscape

The ChainGPT Pad stands out as the key player in the Web3 world, acting as both a nurturing ground and launch platform for new Web3 projects. Known for its thorough project selection and all-around support, ChainGPT Launchpad has earned its reputation as the most popular launchpad of 2023. This achievement is largely due to the ChainGPT team's skill in helping projects grow through extraordinary mentoring and linking them with the active $CGPT community. Read on to discover how easy and rewarding it is to be a part of the ChainGPT experience.

The $CGPT Token: Facilitating Community Engagement

$CGPT serves as a crucial tool for community engagement in project development. It offers exclusive benefits such as access to IDOs, airdrops, and more. Stakeholders with sufficient $CGPT tokens are granted priority and exclusive benefits from startup projects, acknowledging their early contributions.

Investor Participation: Engaging with the ChainGPT Ecosystem

Entry Requirements

Investors interested in participating in ChainGPT IDOs must:

  1. Complete KYC verification through Blockpass.
  2. Stake $CGPT tokens, accruing enough points to attain a specific tier status.

KYC Onboarding and IDO Participation

To engage in IDO participation, users must go through a straightforward KYC process involving wallet connection, profile setup, and information submission. Following KYC approval, investors can stake $CGPT tokens, register their interest for IDOs, and prepare for upcoming investment opportunities.
Step 1:

  • Head over to ChainGPT Pad's Official Website:
  • On the landing page, click on “Connect Wallet” at the top right of the screen.

Step 2:

  • You will see a pop-up appear.
  • Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions,
  • Choose the Network,
  • Select your wallet provider.

Step 3:

  • Then simply sign the message in your wallet.

Step 4:

  • Immediately after you connect your wallet, a new drop-down button will appear as a menu option on the top next to the Network.
  • Click on that new dropdown menu.

Step 5:

  • Select the “My Profile” option.

Step 6: 

  • Upon arriving at your profile page, you will immediately see your account status on the upper right.

Step 7:

  • On the bottom panel, select the second column to do your KYC.

Step 8:

  • You will be taken to a KYC onboarding page to complete through our partner and KYC partner Blockpass.
  • Be sure to provide the same wallet address that you connected with; one account per user.

  • Please allow Blockpass up to 48 hours to process your information.
  • You will be updated about your submitted documents' status via email.
  • Monitor your profile dashboard for a switch from a red “unverified” to a green “verified”

As soon as you see the status changes, you are in!

ChainGPT's Staking

ChainGPT Pad features a straightforward staking mechanism that categorizes members into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Points for these tiers are allocated based on the amount staked and the stake duration, offering unique benefits and IDO participation eligibility for each tier.

Staking Points Allocation:

  • 45 days pool: 1,000 $CGPT staked = 1,000 Tier points - 1x multiplier
  • 90 days pool: 1,000 $CGPT staked = 1,300 Tier points - 1.3x multiplier
  • 180 days pool: 1,000 $CGPT staked = 1,500 Tier points - 1.5x multiplier
  • 365 days pool: 1,000 $CGPT staked = 2,000 Tier points - 2x multiplier

Higher tiers enjoy enhanced advantages, including guaranteed IDO spots and private sale access. 

Tier System with Benefits

🥉 Bronze: Designed for those with limited capital, requiring over 2,000 points to qualify. Members have a 1x allocation multiplier, participating mainly in the FCFS round (#2). Selected Bronze members who complete social tasks might access the first allocation round.

🥈 Silver: This tier requires over 20,000 points and provides guaranteed access to both rounds of IDO participation. Benefits include a minimum 4x allocation multiplier and guaranteed spots in future NFT launches.

🥇 Gold: Requiring over 50,000 points, this tier offers early-stage crowdfunding, private sales access, and a minimum 10x allocation multiplier. Gold members participate in both IDO rounds and are guaranteed spots in future NFT launches. As a Gold tier member on ChainGPT Pad, you'll benefit from exclusive privileges in airdrops from incubated projects, including early access to enhance your token acquisition chances and unique airdrop opportunities not available to other lower tiers.

💎 Diamond: The top tier, needing over 200,000 points, grants the broadest range of benefits. These include a minimum 40x allocation multiplier, access to both IDO rounds, crowdfunding and private sales, token and NFT airdrops, and exclusive group access for private sales and voting. Members also get freemium access to ChainGPT’s AI Tools. Freemium gives Diamond tier a 20,000 CGPTc (ChainGPT credits) balance monthly.

Note on Tier Allocation Multiplier: While the Bronze tier has a fixed 1x multiplier, Silver, Gold, and Diamond tiers have scaled multipliers based on points. For example, in the Silver tier, 20,000 points yield a 4x multiplier, while 35,000 points grant a 7x multiplier. In the Gold tier, 50,000 points equal a 10x multiplier, and 100,000 points lead to 20x. For Diamond members, the multiplier increases logarithmically, such as 40x for 200,000 points and potentially higher for more points, depending on the IDO outcome.

The Two-Round IDO System

The IDO process consists of two distinct rounds:

1. Guaranteed Allocation Round:

  •    Target top-tier groups, including Silver, Gold, Diamond, and selected Bronze members.
  •    Requires prior registration of interest for participation.

2. First Come First Serve (FCFS) Round:

  •    Open to all tier members without pre-registration.
  •    This round is activated if the IDO hasn't reached its maximum capacity in the first round.

Post-IDO: Claiming Tokens and Requesting Refunds

Post-IDO, investors face a critical choice: to claim their tokens or to request a refund. This process is designed to be user-friendly, with clear options available on the investor's dashboard. The decision to claim tokens is easy and all information is available in the dashboard. As soon as you select “Claim Tokens”, the dashboard will show a green checkmark on the right-hand side under the “Schedule” section. Once the checkmark appears, the refund option on the bottom will show a red cross and state that “you have already claimed TOKEN, you are not eligible to request a refund.

💡 Reminder: By claiming tokens you will forgo the ability to refund your allocation.

ChainGPT's Unique Refund Policy:
ChainGPT offers a flexible and hassle-free refund policy, allowing investors to easily reclaim their funds, usually within a 7-day window. With just a simple click, the refund is processed immediately, ensuring funds are sent back to the investor's wallet without any forms to fill or delay. All tiers fully enjoy this benefit.

Project Selection and Incubation: A Rigorous Approach

The Selection Process

  • Thorough Analysis: ChainGPT Launchpad's selection process is intensive. Projects must pass through a detailed qualitative analysis led by the ChainGPT team. This scrutiny ensures only projects with substantial potential and sound plans proceed to the next stages.
  • Diverse Criteria: The evaluation criteria are multifaceted, encompassing aspects like product-market fit, concept viability, and team capabilities. This ensures a holistic assessment of each project's strengths and potential challenges.

Comprehensive Incubation Support

  • Structured Incubation Timeline: The incubation period ranges from 12 to 18 months, reflecting ChainGPT's commitment to nurturing projects through various developmental phases.
  • Preparation Stage: Here, the ChainGPT Mentorship group assists in organizing internal processes and optimizing product systems. They work closely with project teams to refine their action plans and roadmaps.
  • Launching Stage: During this critical phase, the mentor group aids in promotion strategies and social coordination, ensuring a robust market entry.
  • Post-launch Support: Post-launch, ChainGPT continues to provide advisory support. This phase is crucial for projects to navigate the market's complexities and adapt to live operational challenges.

Acceleration for Advanced Teams

  • Targeted for Mature Projects: The acceleration program is a shorter, more intense version of incubation, lasting 3-4 months. It's designed for teams with well-developed projects that need targeted support to hasten their market entry.
  • Focused Assistance: The acceleration phase provides concentrated support in areas where teams are most in need, ensuring that they can quickly overcome any remaining hurdles to market readiness.

The IDO Process: Facilitating Market Entry

Launch Preparation and Execution

ChainGPT assists projects in preparing their market launch campaigns, connecting them with the vibrant $CGPT community. This includes finalizing crucial details like token supply, market rate, and sale duration, leading up to a meticulously planned IDO listing.

Conclusion: A Launchpad Synonymous with Quality and Innovation

ChainGPT Pad stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality in the IDO space. Its thorough project selection, comprehensive incubation and acceleration programs, and structured IDO process underscore its commitment to fostering high-caliber startups. The platform's recognition as the most popular IDO launchpad of 2023 is a testament to the ChainGPT team's dedication to synergizing community engagement with project development, paving the way for mutual success in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains.

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