Patex IDO on ChainGPT Pad
Patex has chosen the ChainGPT Pad to host its $PATEX IDO.
ChainGPT is excited to be supporting such a distinguished project!

What is Patex?

Patex is an ecosystem of blockchain solutions specifically designed to cater to the Latin American Markets. Pioneering a robust stack of end-to-end products and features at the cutting of innovation, Patex is bridging the gap of financial inclusion with infrastructure that serves consumers, companies, and governments organizations.

Patex Features and Functions

With 9 distinct synergistic products in their toolkit, Patex provides coverage for every possible angel of user demand.

🌌 Patex Network 🌌
A purpose built layer 2, in the form of a Rollup on the Ethereum Blockchain, enabling a full range of applications that can support transactional activity for familiar crypto assets as well as enable CBDC issuance and tracking.

📊 Centralized Patex 📊
C-Patex is a robust exchange venue operating since 2014 serving a central function as an interface to manage all other operations.

💱 Proof Of Value 💱
A reward system for encouraging community engagement with the Patex network based on transactional activity.

💼 Patex Wallet 💼
Available as an application for IOS, Android, and a browser etension, Patex is offering its users a non-custodial, cross-chain crypto wallet to hold, send and receive crypto in Patex and other networks.

👨‍🎓 Patex Campus 👨‍🎓
One of the more unique features of a blockchain ecosystem, Patex is offering an educational platform to help newcomers learn about the industry and provide them with guidance in getting professional job placements.

👨‍⚖️ PoV Validators 👨‍⚖️
Patex is leveraging its own consensus mechanism of validators to provide security to the network. With space for 100 reputable and a novel rewards system that pays out in ETH based on $PATEX stake and transaction velocity; there is interesting innovation happening here.

🌉 Patex On Bridge 🌉
A multi-chain bridge that allows cross-chain swaps between the Patex network and other EVM compatible systems.

🔎 Patex Explorer 🔍
Platform for on-chain analytics track assets, inspect transactions, audit contracts, verify balances, and aid in all other areas necessary to sustain a transparent ecosystem.

👨‍💻  Patex Hackathon 👨‍💻
Patex is hosting its own multi-month long competition for developers interested in putting the Patex Network to the test by building dapps, experimenting with scalability parameters and identifying vulnerabilities.

Who is the team behind Patex?

World class lineup of professionals with years of industry experience have come together to deliver on the vision of Patex:

Ricardo Da Ros | CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
ex-Head of Brazil at Binance &

Julio Matias Part | COO (Chief Operations Officer)
ex-COO at Huobi & KuCoin for Latin America.

Henrique Marinho | CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer)
ex-Global Partnership and Institutional Business Development for Huobi & CoinEX.

Marcos Reis | CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
Cybersecurity & Financial Crimes Expert for the biggest US and Latam banks (Bank of America & Itaú Unibanco).

Renaud Besnard | CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
ex-Binance | CMO at Google | Uber | Twitter | ex-Vice President at PayPal.

Pedro Ribeiro | Chief Government Affairs Office
Director of Global Strategy at BRICS+ Organization.

Nataliia Maslennykova | VP of Growth & Government Affairs
Ex-Parliament of Canada and US Congress. Scaled two crypto exchanges to top-20 ranking on CoinMarketCap.

More information about each team member, as well as links to their social media please refer to their official website 🌐 and scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, refer to the official 📃 Patex whitepaper

Patex Tokenomics

The economic system of the Patex tokens.

Token Address on ETH:

Token name: Patex Token
Token Ticker: $PATEX
Total Supply: 8,000,000
Token Standard: ERC-20

$PATEX Token Distribution/Allocation:

  • 15% Private Sale
  • 6.25% KOL’s Round
  • 13.25% IDO
  • 10.5% Community Round
  • 2.5% Promo
  • 7.5% Advisors
  • 6.25% Team
  • 18.75% Marketing
  • 12.5% Liquidity
  • 7.5% Ecosystem

Utilities of the $PATEX token

Applications and benefits of the Patex project’s native token.

Network Fees
Payment method for fees when accessing network functions.

Trading commission payment
Payment method for using exchange at discount rate.

Features of C-Patex Specializations
Higher tier levels within the Patex Launchpad.

Purchase of demo tokens
Exchange 1 PATEX for 100 demo USDT tokens for extra practice in trading.

Сomplete a quiz at any level for a PATEX token
Payment method for fees when accessing network functions.

10% of Career Guidance income
Payment method for fees when accessing network functions.

Access to unique content of Crypto Campus
Elite B1 level course material accessible only to $PATEX holders.

IDO Specifications

Details about the Initial Dex Offering on ChainGPT Pad:

Price at Launch: TBA
Total Allocation: TBA
Maximum Cap:
Date of Launch: TBA

Patex Resources:

🌐 General: Website
📃 Docs: Whitepaper | Tokenomics | Gitbook
🤳 Social Media: Twitter | Telegram | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

General Resources:
🌐 Website | 📧 Contact | 🤖 Brand | 📃 Whitepaper

Connect with us and Join the community:
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