Response To: OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati’s Compromised Twitter Account and Fake Airdrop using the ChainGPT brand

This is a letter to the public expressing our view on the matter and clarifying that ChainGPT has nothing to do with these happenings.

Through an unforeseen turn of events, ChainGPT got dragged into the dramatic debacle of a crypto scam.

On June 2nd, Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer of the worlds preeminent artificial intelligence organization OpenAI, had her Twitter account compromised through what is now assumed to be a sim-swap.

The hacker hijacked her identity and began to wreak havoc through crypto twitter with a malicious tweet that promised to provide users that connect to the linked phishing website a free crypto airdrop.

Garnering over 80,000 impressions over the course of an hour, the Tweet went viral and began attracting attention to an ERC-20 token called $OPENAI.

While Crypto Twitter is no stranger to such unpleasant events taking place; this one really hit home for us.

This audacious hacker stole the image and brand of ChainGPT, going so far as replicating our official website layout for their fugazi honeypot.

RIGHT — Real Site || Fake Site — LEFT (source: CoinTelegraph)

The hacker switched out the central header menu with an $OPENAI tag and replaced the “Try Our Prototype” button on the top right of the screen with a “connect wallet” button.

The incident has been covered in detail by nearly every single major tech, finance and crypto news outlets; from Venturebeat, to CoinTelegraph, Cryptopotato, BeInCrypto and beyond.

This injustice has brought extensive attention to our project. An act of abomination that unrightfully brings undesirable lingering thoughts of associations…

We would like to take a moment to clarify that ChainGPT has absolutely NO affiliation to OpenAI, Mira Murati, or the malicious events that unfolded.

ChainGPT has working diligently developing technology, building community, establishing its brand and shipping product. It is extremely uncomfortable that a hacker would take advantage of all the hard work that has been done.

Safety Reminder

Hackers are always on the prowl looking for any possible way to subvert security to gain access to your most sensitive personal and private information.

It is simply good internet hygiene to protect yourself with added layers of security, namely 2fa.

Two Factor Authenticators are easily available on the open market for absolutely free and provide a seamless, simple extra protection against hacks.

We recommend using Authy or Google2FA.

It is an interesting time that we live in.

Nobody is immune to hacks and life happens. However, if you know you live in time of rampant security necessity, it makes sense to maximize your protection.

Stay safe out there!

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