V1 Release $50,000 CGPT Buy-Back & Burn Event!
The community has cast its votes;
The decision has been sealed;
The proposal has been passed in favor of the event!
We shall signify the ChainGPT V1 release with a $CGPT Burn!

A proposal was submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for the members to consider a Buy-Back in Burn event in honor the V1 release.

Three options were presented for deliberation:

1️⃣ Yes, I fully support the Buy-Back & Burn of $50k in CGPT.
2️⃣ Yes, I’m in favor of a Buy-Back & Burn, but with $25k in CGPT.
3️⃣ No, I don’t support any Buy-Back & Burn at this time.

Voting lasted for a total of 72 hours, beginning on August 3rd 11:54 AM UTC and running until August 6th 11:54 AM UTC.

Upon conclusion of the voting period, the results were a resounding yes. Receiving >96% support in favor, the 1st choice of a $50,000 Buy-Back and Burn was locked in.

🧾 View DAO Proposal #7 🧾
ChainGPT V1 Release Celebration: $50,000 CGPT Buy-Back & Burn Event!”

When will the event take place happen?

📅 August 10th, 2023 — The Burn shall commence not long after the release of the V1.

How many Tokens are being Burned?

🔥 Over 900,000 $CGPT tokens will be removed from circulation.

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