Weekly Roundup 02.11. - 02.17.
As we are preparing many exciting things to come, including new products, product updates, partnerships, and community events, let’s see how our past week went at ChainGPT. In a nutshell, it was short and sweet - but in the background, things are moving more dynamically as we work on new goals and collaborations. Let’s take a dive!

New Milestone: ChainGPT Reaches $30,000,000 TVL! 🎉 

We are thrilled to share that ChainGPT reached a new ATH in Total Value Locked (TVL) with a remarkable $30,000,000 in staked $CGPT and still counting! With the latest milestone, the staking pools grew by 50% in only two weeks, which is by itself a remarkable achievement. Join the community and enjoy the perks of staking $CGPT! Find the original announcement and check out https://app.chaingpt.org/staking for live staking and TVL statistics. 


ChainGPT API and SDK Integrations Announced 🤖

We are excited to announce our API and SDK Integrations for Web3 companies and developers, with the idea to drive innovation and progress in the space. ChainGPT stands at the leading edge of AI-powered infrastructure in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industries and we aim to redefine how businesses interact with blockchain technology by offering a suite of sophisticated AI solutions, including AI-generated News, which Binance Square has already incorporated into its news feed, and the Web3 AI Chatbot, currently being utilized by over 50 crypto projects in their Telegram chats. See the original announcement and learn more about SDK and API integrations in our blog.

Revolutionizing Web3: The Power of ChainGPT's APIs and SDKs

Community Events: AI NFT Saturday Spotlight and Community Poll 🎁

We love community events as we appreciate the support we’ve been given by ChainGPT community members, which is why we are always enjoying giving out rewards for engagement and involvement. To reward diligent and creative AI NFT Generator users, we’ve been rewarding 4 NFT creators every week with $25 in what is our longest-running community campaign by far. 

At ChainGPT, we also value and cherish our community’s opinion, which is why we also shared a community poll about AI NFT Generator models, rewarding users for sharing their favorite models and revealing why they chose their answers. Check out our latest AI NFT Saturday Spotlight post and see how the Community Poll went. Follow us on X, and stay up to date with new and upcoming community events and rewards. 

Ai NFT Saturday Spotlight
Community Poll with Rewards

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