Weekly Roundup 03.17. - 03.23.
Three million followers across all social channels, new strategic partnerships and integrations, growth stats, and more in our latest recap of the past week at ChainGPT - it’s been a busy week as you might have already guessed! Let’s take a dive.   

3M+ Followers across Social Media

We are thrilled to announce that ChainGPT has reached an astonishing following of over 3 million community members across our social channels, including now over 900k followers on X and over 1 million members on our official Telegram group! See the official announcement and stay tuned as we are reaching new heights with the support of our amazing community. 


$CGPT Staking Pools

ChainGPT staking pools are perpetually filling up with more stakers than ever and with 157,847,210 $CGPT staked at the time with  $67,454,747 in USD value—stake for Pad tiers, Freemium perks, DAO governance rights, and more benefits. See the official announcement for more details. 


ChainGPT x Sei Integration Throwback

On February 20th, we announced our upcoming integration with Sei - with this partnership, ChainGPT will become one of the first projects to be powered by the Sei EVM Ecosystem with our AI NFT Generator integration. Find out more in the recent retweet from Sei via the link below. 


ChainGPT On-chain/Off-chain Stats

ChainGPT is growing at an accelerated pace from week to week, and we are sharing our on-chain and off-chain statistics, many of which are publicly available on our dApp and on our official website. To see more details and check out the most recent statistics, follow the link below. 


ChainGPT x SecondLive AMA

ChainGPT’s CMO, Sharon Scia, represented the team in one of the most resent AMAs hosted by SecondLive. Sharon spoke on the topic of building the future of Web3 with AI, discussing the synergy between the two innovative technologies. For more details, check out the announcement below. 


$1M Grant Spotlight: KMON

We're excited to announce that KMON is one of the recipients of ChainGPT’s $1M Grant Program that we launched recently. We invite innovative projects from Web3 to apply - to learn more about our Grant and KMON, see the original announcement and read our blog. 

KMON Joins ChainGPT's $1 Million Grant Program as Awardee

$1M Grant Spotlight: GT-Protocol

One of our top Pad IDOs and ChainGPT Incubation project,  GT-Protocol is also one of our latest grantees, winning a share of the latest $1M Grant from ChainGPT, for innovative Web3 gaming projects. Learn how you can apply with your project and read more about GT-Protocol via the links below. 

GT Protocol Joins ChainGPT's $1,000,000 Grant Program as Awardee

$1M Grant Spotlight: Sidus Heroes

ChainGPT is proud to announce Sidus Heroes as our next Web3-AI Grant Awardee! To find out more about ChainGPT’s $1M Grant and our latest grantee, read all the details in our latest blog and see the original announcement.

Sidus Heroes Joins ChainGPT's $1 Million Grant Program as Awardee

ChainGPT x imToken Partnership

We are ecstatic to announce that ChainGPT partnered with imToken, a secure and intuitive crypto and DeFi wallet trusted by over 15 million users worldwide. Check out the original announcement and stay tuned for more exciting news. 


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