Weekly RoundUp (05.12–05.19)

Another incredible week for ChainGPT and the world of blockchain AI.

Jampacked with partnerships, listings, product releases, integrations, and even a new website, here’s a roundup of some of the most notable events that happened last week:

👨‍⚖️ ChainGPT DAO Launch 👨‍⚖️

The first step towards handing governance over the $CGPT ecosystem into the capable hands of its flourishing community and fulfilling the promise of decentralization has been taken with the official instantiation of the ChainGPT DAO.
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🥇 $CGPT Ranks #1 on Certik 🥇

Kicked off the week strong by Reaching the #1 ranking in the NFT Category with Formal verification! The efforts of deploying a sound smart contract for the $CGPT token has been recognized by the leading auditing firm Certik.
📣 Announcement

🤝 BiSwap Listing and Farm 🤝

Partnering with one of the most prominent DEX’s on the Binance Chain ChainGPT has the $CGPT token listed on BiSwap and launched a $GGPT/BUSD farm campaign.
📣 Announcement
🌾 Farm Here

🌐 New Website 🌐

ChainGPT.org just got a complete upgrade and it’s an absolute stunner. Improvements all across the board, visual appearance, functional organization, and updating of all information.
👀 Check it out

🤝 RocketX Partnership 🤝

RocketX is an aggregator of CEX and DEX liquidity. Partnering up for a $CGPT listing enhances accessibility for users and deepens liquidity while minimizing slippage.
📣 Announcement

🤝Cryptomus Partnership 🤝

Bi-directional integration of technologies. Cryptomus implements ChainGPT’s AI into its functionality and ChainGPT introduces the cryptomus payments system into AI Telegram bot!
📣 Announcement

🤖 ChainGPT’s AI learned about ERC-6551 🤖

ChainGPT is the only AI that has been trained on the newest token standard for NFTs. Now capable of generating, auditing, and helping with the implementation of ERC-6551 contracts.
📣 Announcement

🎤 AMA w/ Kucoin Twitter Spaces 🎤

Educating the extended KuCoin Pakistani markets on the power of ChainGPT and spreading the word on what’s possible with blockchain AI!
🎙 Listen to Recording

🤝PIP Partnership 🤝

ChainGPTs AI trains on payments provider PIP and integrates the $CGPT token into its suite of product offerings; now users can conduct payments across all PIP payment channels!
📣 Announcement

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