Weekly Roundup (05.19–05.26)

Another incredible week for ChainGPT and the world of blockchain AI.

Pedal to the metal with DAO developments, proposals, partnerships, announcements, listings, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here is a roundup of some notable events from last week:

🔥 Community Burn Event Proposed to DAO

Stimulating the $CGPT ecosystem with a competitive community burn event has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for consideration.
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🤝 PIP Partnership

Two pronged partnership. First, integrating the $CGPT token into the PIP payments ecosystem allowing users to do more with their $CGPT then ever before. Second, trained ChainGPT on PIP’s ecosystem and technology adding into the Web3 AI database.
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🎁 Gleam Giveaway being Distributed

Back in March we announced a Gleam airdrop giveaway campaign. Well, the results are in and the $CGPT is ready for distribution!
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🤝 Space ID Partnership

ChainGPT integrates the Space ID domain extension database into the Web3 AI database and becomes capable of interacting with all the blockchain domains provided by Space ID (.arb .bnb .sei .eth and others).
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📋 Listing on DappBay

ChainGPT gets listed on the leading BNB chain application store DappBay and continues to permeate all major listing/resource/discovery websites.
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🤝 DappRadar Partnership

Incentivizing the growth of both projects communities, this partnership looks to expand the social presence of Dappradar throughout the ChainGPT ecosystem and visa versa, bring our community to the Dappradar platform. As a part of our joint efforts, ChainGPTs AI ingested all there is available about the Dappradar platform into its Web3 AI database.
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🎓 Incubation Program Announced

Launching our initiative to help startup projects in the Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 space come to life. Unveiling our circle of mentors, defining the key areas of our support, and inviting founders to start building, marks the beginning of a new chapter in ChainGPT’s master plan.
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🤝 Star Protocol Partnership

Adding the Star Protocol into our database and training ChainGPT on their project brings their omni-chain .SNS domain name service and social media aggregation engine into CGPT AI infrastructure.
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