Weekly Roundup (05.26–06.02)

Another incredible week for ChainGPT and the world of blockchain AI.

Taking leaps towards the vision of an autonomous, automated, intelligence digital economy, ChainGPT continues to make consistent progress every week. Here is a recap of what took place in the last seven days:

💹 BiSwap trading Contest

In Celebration of BiSwap’s Birthday, ChainGPT’s $CGPT token was selected by the DEX platform for inclusion in a trading contest with over $5,000 worth of prizes for participants.
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🔥 Community Burn Event Began

After a weeklong voting on the community burn event via a DAO proposal, the results came back with a landslide majority victory for a 600,000 $CGPT token burn! Launched on May 28 at 4:00pm EST the event shall be live until June 12 4:00pm EST or until the maximum cap is reached.
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🏛 DAO Proposal to Increase Staking Pools

New proposal has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO to increase the capacity of the $CGPT staking pools. As the community expands and interest in the $CGPT token grows, the demand for more staking capacity has been surfaced by new members. Voting will take place from June 1st and run until June 4th.
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🤝 Ellipal x ChainGPT

Collaborating with Ellipal, a leading cold storage hardware provider, is giving our communities a chance to unite and allocating a place for $CGPT tokens to reside in their secured devices.
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🐋 Ranking #1 on KillerWhales

Making it to the top of the leaderboard by raw community vote count, ChainGPT has been nominated as the most desirable Project to appear live on the upcoming KillerWhales show!
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🎨 NFT Generator Launched

The official prototype of the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has been released to the public! Months in the making, our algorithms have been refined, UI neatly designed, and now we have invited the whole world to try out the technology.
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🎤 AMA with Binance Live

Ask Me Anything jam session hosted by the platforms #1 rated host tuNNCayCrypto where CEO of ChainGPT, Ilan Rakhmanov, discusses some of the most important ideas and answers the communities questions about the journey to Web3 AI.

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