Weekly Roundup (06.09–06.16)

Another incredible week for ChainGPT and the world of blockchain AI.

Penning partnerships, transcending blockchains, expanding $CGPT utility, and revealing brand new products; innovation does not stop at ChainGPT. Here is a recap of what took place last week.

🛫 Reveal of ChainGPT Launchpad

ChainGPT revealed the upcoming release of its Launchpad with four projects already in the pipeline going through incubation processes and preparing for their IDO’s.📣 Announcement

🌾Kyber Network Campaign Continues

“Journey into BNB: The ChainGPT Quest For An Exclusive NFT”, a social defi adventure quest launched last week continue to gain traction as more users join the campaign.
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🤩 Over 700,000 NFTs created in AI NFT Generator

The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator continues its exponential growth with having over 700,000 NFT being created within just the first 2 weeks after launch!
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🧠ChainGPT x KuCoin L2E Campaign

Through a joint effort with one of the worlds leading crypto exchange, KuCoin, ChainGPT launched a four day learn-to-earn campaign with over $9,000 worth of rewards for participants.📣 Announcement
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🎤 KuCoin Russia AMA

ChainGPT hosted a fireside chat with KuCoin’s Russian community on their official telegram channel. Answering some of their most commonly asked questions about the project and its development.
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🌉 Bridging $CGPT to Ethereum

ChainGPT will be taking its first steps into the multi-chain world by opening a bridge for the $CGPT token through a partnership with ChainPort. Date of bridge has been set to June 19.
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🏛 DAO Proposal #6 — Buyback and Burn

A new proposal has been submitted to the DAO (proposal #6) suggesting to halt the community burn event and substitute it with team BuyBack and Burn. After a 72 hour voting period, the proposal received 100% support and shall be executed within the coming week.
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🎤 KuCoin Global AMA

Ilan Rakhmanov appeared in a Twitter Spaces AMA jam session with the KuCoin global audience.
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