Weekly Roundup 06.16–06.23
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
Incubations, record setting NFT generations, $CGPT campaigns, new integrations, Buybacks and burns; the rate of innovation knows no bounds! Here are the events that took place last week:

🌉 $CGPT completes Bridge to ETH

Viva Ethereum! ChainGPT’s token $CGPT, has  been deployed to the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 standard token through a partnership with ChainPort. Users can now seamlessly transfer their $CGPT between the BSC and ETH networks.
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🤩 1,000,000 NFTs created in ChainGPT AI NFT Generator

Another week, another record setting utilization of the ChainGPT AI NFT generator! Crossing the coveted 1,000,000 mark, the exponential growth of the generator has flooded the $CGPT community with over 100,000 new users that are now weekly transforming their ideas into breathtaking artwork.
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🔥 200k $CGPT Buyback and Burn

Supply contraction completed! During a voting round in the ChainGPT DAO, proposal #6 was passed requesting a buyback and burn event to replace the community burn event. As promised, 200,000 $CGPT tokens were bought back from the open markets and burned.
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🐣 Incubation announced: DexCheck

The first project in ChainGPT’s incubation program has been announced. After passing a meticulous due diligence process, DexCheck, the AI-powered Web3 analytics platform and trading toolkit has officially been inducted into the incubation program.
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👨‍🚀 Final week of Kyber Network $CGPT Campaign

The collaboration between Kyber Network and ChainGPT on a social defi adventure quest is coming to a close. The last week of “Journey into BNB: The ChainGPT Quest For An Exclusive NFT” event has arrived with just days remaining for users to join in earning a portion of the $5,000 $CGPT prize pool!
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🤖 RocketX Launches ChainGPT AI ChatBot

Exchange aggregator, RocketX has integrated the ChainGPT AI chatbot into its telegram community group. Thousands of their users will now be able to tap into the dynamic database of ChainGPT to have all of their crypto, blockchain, and Web3 questions answered!
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