Weekly RoundUp 07.07–07.14

The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!

The long awaited and highly anticipated arrival of the ChainGPT Pad, new staking modules, new records being set, giveaways, and AMAs! Here is a recap of what took place last week:

🛫 ChainGPT Pad is Launched

ChainGPT launches its long-awaited IDO platform the ChainGPT Pad. With three projects going through incubations in preparations for launch and a pipeline of new startups eager to tap in the CGPT community, a new generation of AI-enabled projects will be coming to the industry!
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🌊 New Staking Pools Released

Four new $CGPT staking modules with new durations, new APY rates, and new utilities for accessing tier levels in the ChainGPT pad have been released. Total token capacity has now increased by 5,000,000 and more opportunities for the community are now available.
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🪂 $CGPT x $DCK Giveaway Campaign

In honor of their upcoming IDO, DexCheck has collaborated with ChainGPT and launched a monster campaign for the communities to enjoy! $10,000 worth of tokens ($5,000 $CGPT + $5,000 $DCK) to be distributed evenly among 100 participants. The event will be open until July 27th.
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🤩 Over 2,500,000 NFTs created in NFT Generator

The ChainGPT AI NFT generator continues along an exponential trajectory; more users than ever before have generated more than 2,500,000 NFTs!
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🎤AMA with FounderHeads VC

Founderheads VC hosted an Ask Me Anything session discussing the intersection of Blockchain, Crypto, and AI. ChainGPT CEO, Ilan Rakhmanov, and DexChecks, Raffaele Carnevale, join to talk about the future of Web3.
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🏆 ChainGPT x YouMeme x DexCheck WL Meme Contest

ChainGPT sponsors a meme contest on the YouMeme platform where users can show off their meme creation skills to earn a whitelist for the DexCheck IDO on ChainGPT Pad.
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🤝 Partnership with CryptoRank

Joining forces with CryptoRank, ChainGPT has launched an honorary campaign where 20 lucky users get the chance for be for the upcoming DexCheck IDO.
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🎤AMA with Binance Live x ChainGPT x DexCheck

ChainGPT joins DexCheck in an AMA session on Binance Live with host TuNNcaycrypto to discuss the project’s upcoming IDO, its vision, mission and technology.
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🥩 $CGPT KuCoin Staking Pool

In collaboration with our partner as KuCoin exchange we have launched a high-APY staking pool for the $CGPT token. With a 50% APY rate, seats have been limited up to the 5,000,000 token cap mark.
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