Weekly RoundUp 07.14–07.21
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
AMAs, IDOs, and new partnerships; all before lunch time! We continue to set new KPI records with the ChainGPT AI Bot integrations and have appeared in some of the industries most recognized news outlets. Here is what took place at ChainGPT the last seven days:

📰 ChainGPT appears in Bitcoin.com and BeInCrypto

Coverage on the recent launch of the ChainGPT Pad. Everything from upcoming IDOs and $CGPT staking to the tier point system and refund policy. Soon, every corner of the crypto economy shall know about the ChainGPT Pad and all the benefits we bring.

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🤖 Over 30 Communities Integrate ChainGPT AI Bot

The ChainGPT AI Bot has been growing throughout different crypto and Web3 communities. Proudly integrating in over 30 telegram groups and discord servers including: DexCheck, BabyDogeCoin, Assetux,  Bitgert (brise), Decubate, Poolz Finance, Ton Starter, AlveyChain, RocketX, Seedify HODLers, among others.

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🎤 KuCoin AMA with DexCheck x ChainGPT

Kucoin hosts an Ask Me Anything jam session on “Unlocking the possibilities between AI and Blockchain”. DexCheck and ChainGPT join the discussion and reward participants with $400 worth of $DCK tokens.

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💎 DexCheck IDO

Dexcheck, the AI-powered crypto and blockchain analytics platform hosted its $DCK IDO on the ChainGPT Pad. Being one of our incubates, DexCheck was the first project to do so and it was a phenomenal success. Within just 15 hours of the campaign launch $DCK max cap was hit; 20,000,000 tokens were sold and $200,000 were raised.

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🎤 AMA with Crypto Eagles

ChainGPT’s CEO Ilan Rakhmanov gets on an AMA session with the Crypto Eagles community. Distributing $200 worth of $CGPT to all participants that tuned in and joined the micro social campaign.

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🤝 ChainGPT x NFTb Partnership

A new partnership; a strategic alliance between NFTb, the burgeoning marketplace and ChainGPT. Our model will be trained on the NFTb ecosystem and the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator will become available to the NFTb community.

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