Weekly Roundup 07.28–08.04
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!

New week, new developments. In the relentless pursuit of high quality products, ChainGPT has updated it NFT generator, announced a new product rollout, and introduced its launchpad leadership team. Proposals have been submitted into the DAO and partnerships has been penned; check out the events that took place last week:

👨‍🎨 ChainGPT AI NFT Generator Upgraded

The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator was upgraded!  New features were implemented for creators to have a higher degree of customization and control over their creations; now every collection can have an unlimited amount of specified, layered traits generated on demand. Did we mention that the model itself was improved for a higher degree of contextual accuracy, rendition quality, and faster generations?
📢 Announcement
🎨 Generate your own NFT

🤖 Solidus AI Tech IDO Announced

The next project to launch their Initial DEX offering on the ChainGPT Pad is locked in! Solidus AI Tech will be hosting their $AITECH token launch between August 21 and August 23 with a total $160,000 BUSD allocation.
📢 Announcement

🤩 ChainGPT V1 Release Announced

Months in the making, ChainGPT has announced the highly-anticipated release of its V1 application! In honor of this milestone achievement, a celebratory event has been proposed to the ChainGPT community.
📢 Announcement

🥁 ChainGPT Pad Leadership Team Introduced

The leadership team that is at the helm of ChainGPT Pad was introduced to the $CGPT community. Bringing their extensive Web3 industry expertise, three brilliant minds have come aboard to spearhead the success of the leading AI-powered launchpad, Gintare Kairyte, Amid Yazdi, and Marc Constanti.
📢 Announcement

🏛 DAO Proposal #7

In honor of the ChainGPT V1 product release, a celebratory Buyback-and-Burn event of $50,000 worth of $CGPT has been proposed to the ChainGPT community.
📢 Announcement

🤝 Partnership with DotBit

A strategic alliance between ChainGPT and the burgeoning Web3 domain giant Dotbit has been crafted. Training our AI model on their ecosystem and integrating the .bit DID into ChainGPT’s upcoming V1; DotBit has allocated 10 (5 character) domains as a reward for the $CGPT community.
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