Weekly Roundup 08.04–08.11
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!

Releasing the highly-anticipated V1, announcing new IDOs, shaking hands with new partners, DAO proposals, $CGPT burn, AMA’s, token bonds, and so much more! Its been an intense, exciting week, here's a snapshot of it all:

🤝 Partnership with BitKeep

Joining forces with BitKeep to list the $CGPT token in their wallet, integrate the ChainGPT AI Chatbot in their community groups, and educate the ChainGPT AI model on the Bitkeep ecosystem.
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📜 DAO Proposal #7 Passed

ChainGPT DAO had proposal #7 submitted last week (August 3rd) and was been received well by the community. After 72 hours of deliberations, the DAO members concluding by passing the proposal with over 95% vote in favor of the $50,000 worth of $CGPT Buyback-and-Burn.
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🏆 ChainGPT Wins Round 1 of Battle of the Dapps

Going head to head with Planet Finance in the Battle of Dapps (hosted by BCS News) ChainGPT ended up victorious and has proceeded into the finals!
📢 Announcement

🎤AMA with Binance live

BSC News hosted the “Leaders in Blockchain Tech” Ask-Me-Anything fireside chat with ChainGPT and Planet Finance joining to discuss the current state of the industry’s technology and how we view the evolution of it.
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📡 Patex IDO Announced

Operator of Latin America’s oldest centralized cryptocurrency exchange, Patex, has embarked on its technological expansion to become the largest blockchain ecosystem in LATAM and has chosen ChainGPT Pad to launch their $PATEX token through an IDO.
📢 Announcement

🐵 New $CGPT/$BUSD Bonds Launched

After a successful campaign last month where we raised >$20,000 of liquidity for the protocol an influx of interest came pouring in, thus we have decided to launch another round of CGPT/BUSD with a $25,000 reward pool for our LPs.
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💻 V1 released

After months of development, ChainGPT is proud to release the V1 application to the public! As an AI-powered dashboard for navigating the Web3 industry, the V1 marks a new of era intelligent operations for market participants.
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🔥 >900,000 $CGPT Burned!

$50,000 worth of $CGPT tokens have been burned to signify the launch of ChainGPT V1 as promised in accordance with DAO proposal #7.
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