Weekly Roundup 08.18–08.25
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
Google search ranking domination, AMA’s hosted, Solidus AI Tech’s IDO, partnerships, AI NFT Generator giveaways, its been intense! Starting the week off with a bang these last seven days have been an absolute blessing, here is a recap of what took place: 

🎤 Binance Live AMA with ChainGPT x AI Tech

ChainGPT‘s CEO, Ilan Rakhmanov joins Solidus AI Techs founders in an AMA jam session on Binance Live. Hosted by the ever gracious host Tuncay, $300 worth of USDT was given to the audience for listening in on what they are building AI Tech is building and how they are pursuing their technological development. Listen to the recording to get caught up!
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🥇 ChainGPT AI NFT Generator is #1 on Google!

After months of diligent iterations, new chain integrations, and optimizations, we have now secured the coveted #1 ranking on Google’s search engine for “AI NFT Generator”.
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🤝 Partnership ChainGPT x Hyve

Hyve.works, a Web3 job exchange ecosystem has integrated the ChainGPT AI chatbot into their community Telegram and Discord groups and added $CGPT as a payment method for transactions taking place on their platform. Of course, ChainGPT trained its AI model on Hyve to ensure consistency between both of our projects.
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🌟AI NFT Generator extravaganza!

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generators has been one of the most actively used products in our suite of Web3 tool, generating over 4,000,000 images from over 100,000 monthly users. As part of our celebration of this rate of growth and adoption we wanted to give back to the community by picking eight images and rewarding the creators with a $100 $CGPT bonus!
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🤩 Emerging Star on Kucoin

ChainGPT has been making waves within the AI sector, quickly rising to become an Emerging star on Kucoin. $CGPT is now considered to be one of the higher potential opportunities on the market.
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💎 AI Tech IDO Completed

Solidus AI Tech hosted its $AITECH IDO on the ChainGPT Pad on August 21. On August 22, after selling out over 88% in the guaranteed round, the FCFS closed out within 5 seconds of opening, setting a new record and completing the entire $160,000 allocation. Over 2,460 participants grabbed all 13,333,333.33 $AITECH tokens.
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🤝 Partnership ChainGPT x Mises

Joining forces with Mises Web3 browser, the ChainGPT AI has been integrated into their DAPP store and the entire Mises ecosystem has been fed to the ChainGPT AI model.
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💸 $350,000 Google “Web3 Startup Grant”

ChainGPT applied for and was accepted into the Google Clouds Web3 Startup program. Joining the program, granted ChainGPT a $350,000 financing for operational expenditures. Lowering our burn rate and increasing backend infrastructure capacity, we tread forth accelerating our efforts towards building our brand, community, and products.
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