Weekly Roundup 08.25–09.01
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!

Treasure hunts with our partners, new records set by ChainGPT DAO, new partners, a thesis published about the intersection of AI and DAOs with Automated AI agents as members, polls, and becoming number one on Apeswap. There is never a dull moment with ChainGPT, here's what took place last week:

🍨 SecondLive Treasure Hunt

The ChainGPT brand space on SecondLive has been opened! In honor of launching the brand space a treasure hunt for $300 worth of $CGPT and 30,000 beans is now underway!
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📜Thesis: Automated AI DAO Agents

ChainGPT’s release a paper on the intersection of AI and DAO’s. We explored the potential implications that automation has on governance in Web3, the risks and rewards of such a synthesis transpiring, and many other things. We invite all futurist, technologist, and enthusiasts to join us as we unfold the future before out very eyes.
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📊 ChainGPT Pad Upcoming IDO Poll

ChainGPT Pad has submitted a new Poll on Twitter/X, asking our community what projects they would like to see us launch next! This round included Kvants, Tradetomato, Pop, and OpenFabric.
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🥇 Best performing ApeSwap Bonds

Raising over $7,700 in protocol owned liquidity $CGPT’s bonds on Apeswap have become the number one best performing product of the week!
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🌟 New Records set by ChainGPT DAO

The ChainGPT DAO has been putting up some incredible numbers. Since the integration of the DAO dashboard into the V1, over 37,000,000 CGPTsp voting power active and over $5,200,000 in the $CGPT Fund Vault!
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🤝 Partnership with WeWay

We join forces with one of the most progressive creator studios for Web3 to synthesize our communities, build up the ChainGPT AI model’s knowledge base, and push the boundaries of innovation in Web3.
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