Weekly Roundup 09.30–10.06

Weekly Roundup 09.30–10.06

The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
$CGPT Staked Value Locked at All-Time-High, OKX Wallet Integration, partnerships and extending collab with strong firms. It’s been an intensive week for ChainGPT, and here’s an overview of the happenings:

🤩 Extending LP bond collab with ApeSwap

We’ve extended CGPT’s liquidity bond on ApeSwap, as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance liquidity pools for $CGPT on DEXs.

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🌟 $CGPT Staked Value Locked at All-Time-High

$CGPT Staked Value Locked reaches All-Time-High this week! Staking pools are more than 90% full on average. In quantitative terms, that’s 16,000+ token holders with a total Staked Value Locked of over $1 million.

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📢 DeFi Alliance 2.0 is already here

Honored to be part of the DeFi Alliance 2.0 alongside XOX Labs, Intract, and 16 other innovative Web3 projects. We believe this event will bridge users with Web3 initiatives, fostering collaboration and driving the decentralized future forward!

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🤝 OKX Wallet Integration

Thrilled to announce our integration with OKX Wallet! Now, users can easily connect their OKX Wallet to ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator and mint unique NFTs seamlessly. Dive into the future of NFT generation with ChainGPT.

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🤖 AI NFT Generator

📊 Tracking #ChainGPT on DefiLlama

ChainGPT’s metrics and progress are now available on DefiLlama. Explore and monitor the total value of $CGPT staked in ChainGPT Pad on DefiLlama. Stay informed with us!

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👀 Monitor $CGPT

🔥 Partnership with Katana Inu

ChainGPT has partnered with Katana Inu, the Battle Royale NFT PC Game. We’re training  our AI based on Katana Inu’s offerings. More updates coming soon!

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