Weekly Roundup 10.07–10.13
From unveiling innovative features to forging strategic collaborations, the momentum keeps building. New user-centric functionalities, IDO launches, grand giveaways, and notable partnerships have all been part of our recent endeavors. Here’s a snapshot of our latest strides:

✨ New .bit usernames by d.id

We’re thrilled to share an exciting development for our community. In a strategic collaboration with d.id, we’ve introduced a feature that lets our users display their .bit alias as their Web3 identity.

This move is designed to replace the standard wallet address, offering a more personalized touch in the web3 domain. For those who want to explore this new feature, a guide by d.id is available below.

📢 Announcement
👣 Guide by d.id on Twitter

🏆 DeFi Alliance 2nd week started

We wrapped up the first week of DeFi Alliance 2.0, and week two is buzzing with activity. Big shoutout to everyone who racked up points in week one! As we power through this week, keep in mind that week three kicks off on October 17th. So, gear up and get ready for more challenges. If you’re looking to jump into the current quest, check out the link below.

📢 Announcement
🏆 DeFi Alliance 2: Tasks

🧠 Use Case Feature with Moralis’ NFT API

We’re excited to spotlight our Use Case Feature with Moralis, a leading crypto data provider. By integrating Moralis’ NFT API into our AI NFT Generator, we’ve achieved a remarkable milestone: generating over 6 million NFTs in just three months! This enhancement ensures our community benefits from a streamlined and efficient NFT creation experience.

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👀 Read more on our blog

🎁 Openfabric AI $5k giveaway

To mark the launch of our upcoming  IDO, Openfabric AI on ChainGPTPad, we’re hosting a mega-giveaway! With a $5,000 prize pool, 100 lucky winners will bag $50 each. The event runs from October 10th to 31st. Dive in and join the fun!

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⚡️ Join mega-giveaway

🚬 Hord: New joint campaign

We’re teaming up with Hord for an exciting joint campaign, featured by Galxe! If you’re an early adopter and a CGPT holder, you’re in for a treat. By staking ETH and holding CGPT, you can earn bonus HORD Points. Keep an eye out for more updates and check out the campaign details.

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👀 Take part in the joint campaign

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