Weekly Roundup: 10.30. - 11.05.
🎃 We celebrated the spookiest Halloween ever with the ChainGPT community! However, celebrations and festive spirit didn’t stop us from being extra productive over the last week’s course. New exchange listings for $CGPT as we are expanding the reach of our ecosystem, Roadmap updates, airdrops, events, and more in this Weekly Roundup.   

Tron x ChainGPT Integration 🤝

Our mission is to bring AI to everyone in Web3 and beyond, and our collaboration and partnership with TRON brings us closer to this ideal. ChainGPT and TRON have teamed up to bring millions of blockchain and AI users together as we set new standards and push the existing boundaries.  

With this collaboration, ChainGPT's advanced and innovative AI model will allow users to engage with a live database through a familiar chat format, making onboarding new users a breeze. At this point, three unique projects, DexCheck, GT Protocol, and Solidus AI Tech have already integrated with TRON, harvesting the benefits of cutting-edge Web3 solutions. Read the original announcement and find out more about our collab with TRON. 

TRON and ChainGPT Integration

Documentation Updated 📚

We like to keep our documentation informative and tidy, and our community informed and in the loop. That’s why we are regularly and continuously updating our documentation with any new progress, build, and implementation. Dive into the latest Documentation updates and check out the original announcement below. 

ChainGPT Documentation

Q3-Q4 Roadmap Updates Released 🗺️

We’ve done a lot of work in Q3 in line with our Roadmap, and it’s time for all the developments to shine! From our AI-powered NFT Generator and AI News Generator to releasing the ChainGPT Launchpad and unraveling the most recent development in Q4, which is securing backing from industry leaders, we completed a great number of important milestones on our journey to making AI accessible to everyone. Check out the original announcement, and follow up with our Roadmap as we grow together!

ChainGPT Roadmap

New Exchange Listings for $CGPT ✅

New listings, big or small, are always a sign of growth and progress. We are expanding week-to-week with new listings for $CGPT while recording a rising number of ChainGPT AI Suite users. $CGPT got listed on more CEX and DEX exchanges, so check out the new trading spots and pairs in the announcement below. 


$CGPT and Bitrue Staking Event 💰

Staking CGPT tokens unlocks multiple benefits, such as APY earnings, ChainGPT Pad Tiers, DAO voting rights, amazing airdrops, NFT releases, and additional perks like our Bitrue Staking Event! We are introducing a new staking pool on Bitrue and organizing a Staking event as a way to celebrate with our community! Find the original announcement and see more details in the links below.

CGPT and Bitrue Staking Event

ChainGPT Among the Top #50 Projects on Certik’s SkyNet 🔝

We love to see ChainGPT featured on the top lists and among the top innovative AI and Wweb3 projects. Last week, we announced that ChainGPT ranked as the 47th best project among the thousands of Web3 projects on Certik's Skynet. We work closely with Web3 security leaders to ensure the high security of our infrastructure, and we are happy when our hard work is recognized! Find the original announcement below and check out ChainGPT on Certik’s Skynet. 

ChainGPT on Certik’s Skynet

CoinMarketCap Airdrop is Live 🎁

We are excited to share that more than 600,000 users have already joined the CoinMarketCap Airdrop! ChainGPT organized a Mega Giveaway to celebrate the valuable partnership and fruitful collaboration with CoinMarketCap. See our original announcement and join the CoinMarketCap Airdrop!

Join the CoinMarketCap Airdrop

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