Weekly Roundup 11.06. - 11.11.
Another hyper-productive, super-exciting, Giveaway-packed week is behind us, and we are looking forward to another high-yielding week. From Giveaway collaborations with our partners and for our communities to new milestones, let’s unwrap the last week’s top moments at ChainGPT. 

ChainGPT Reached 1,000,000 Followers on CoinMarketCap 🏆

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not” doesn’t make sense at ChainGPT! We have reached an important milestone as our CoinMarketCap profile hit 1,000,000 followers! This milestone is a testament to the interest in $CGPT as well as the trust that the CMC community has in ChainGPT, our vision, and the innovative systems we are building. We are not stopping at 1M, so we are inviting you to join us on CoinMarketCap for full access to everything ChainGPT - from social post feeds to articles, blogs, and live $CGPT data. Check out the original post and join us on CMC via the link below. 

ChainGPT on CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap Giveaway Collab 💰

What would be a week without a Giveaway at ChainGPT? We don’t know, as we’ve had another great run packed with Giveaways, drops, and prize pools, including our Mega Giveaway in collaboration with CoinMarketCap.  We had over 750,000 participants, out of which 10,000 lucky winners were selected and can claim their prizes as we speak! Read the official announcement and make sure to follow the link below to collect your reward if you are one of the 10k lucky winners!

CMC x ChainGPT Prize Pool Collection

opBNB Supercharge ChainGPT Prize Pool and Posters ⚡

Last week, opBNB announced sharing five Supercharge posters featuring ChainGPT to highlight the effectiveness of the L2 solution powered by ChainGPT as CGPT users are saving more on their gas fees. To reward the communities, opBNB also rewarded ten random winners who completed a set of social tasks with a shared prize pool of $500 prize. Read the official announcement from opBNB. 


KuCoin x ChainGPT Predict to Win $DCK vs $CGPT 🔮

How did you know that we love rewarding our community? Well, KuCoin and ChainGPT Predict to Win campaign is another fantastic opportunity for you to get a share of a hefty prize pool. We are rewarding our communities with $10,000 in total, in collaboration with KuCoin. You can vote for $CGPT in a clash with $DCK, which will grant you a chance to win a piece of the prize, with over 12,000 users already participating. Check out the original announcement and hit the link below to join the campaign and win. 

Enter to Win: KuCoin x ChainGPT 

HTX x ChainGPT AMA and Giveaway 🗣️

AMAs are a window into our community’s thoughts and feedback, which is why we were super-excited to organize another amazing AMA that also included a Giveaway for all our listeners who asked questions during the AMA live broadcast. Our own Ilan Rakhmanov and Gintare Kairyte were as amazing as ever in the discussion with HTX, as we dropped a shared prize of $2,000 to our most active and curious listeners. See the official announcement and play the recording in case you missed our live AMA. 

HTX x ChainGPT AMA Recording

HTX x ChainGPT Learn & Earn Campaign 🎓

Earning while learning? Yes, please! We have organized a Learn & Earn campaign to reward our communities with an amazing prize pool of 57,600 $CGPT! Learn more about ChainGPT, and enter for a chance to win a share of the prize pool. Find the original announcement and check out how you can join the campaign to learn and earn in the link below. 

Learn & Earn with ChainGPT and HTX

CGPT CoinEx Listing 📊

5 million users can now access $CGPT across 200 countries around the globe with CoinEx! $CGPT just got listed on another exchange, and with this new listing, we are boosting widespread adoption and making $CGPT more accessible to CoinEx traders and holders. Check out our official announcement and find our new CGPT/USDT Trading pair.  

CoinEx Listing Announcement

Q4 Roadmap Breakdown 🗺️

You can already probably tell that we are hyper-productive, hard at work and committed to our goals. All these goals are outlined in our Roadmap and we crushed every milestone in Q3! We are not stopping there as we are preparing new rollouts in the fourth quarter. You can look forward to Web3 Security Extension, AI Trading Assistant (TA), AI NFT Generator v2, and ChainGPT Pad v2, so stay tuned. Find our announcement and check out our Q4 Roadmap in detail below. 

ChainGPT Roadmap

ChainGPT x Dmail: Legendary SubHub Series 📧

We’re all about communities, communications, and connections as staple of Web3! The Dmail SubHub subscription feature has over 650,000 subscriptions since the launch week, and you can subscribe to ChainGPT for regular updates, delivered straight to your decentralized mailboxes. We are also rewarding subscribers as a part of the Legendary SubHib series, so subscribe for a chance to win! See the original announcement on X, and check out the Legendary SubHub tasks below. 


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