Weekly Roundup 11.19. - 11.25.

From seeing amazing increases in growth of CGPT users and holders to discussing AI, Web3 and everything in between with Bitrue, it’s been another exciting and dynamic week at ChainGPT! Dive into our weekly recap as we prepare for yet another hyper-productive week ahead. 

8M+ $CGPT TVL Recorded, 59M+ Staked💰

CGPT staking pools are growing by millions of staked CGPT tokens, week-to-week and even faster! At the time when we published that the number of staked CGPT tokens surpassed 56 million and the recorded TVL for CGPT was 5.6million! After only a few days, TVL went from 5.6 to 8 million in total locked value! We are excited to see that our community is growing with CGPT making new records. Find the original announcement and check out the CGPT Staking page below. 

Staking CGPT

Bitrue x ChainGPT AMA X Spaces 🎙️

Our very own CEO, Ilan Rakhmanov joined an amazing AMA X Spaces discussion hosted by Bitrue as a thought leader in discussions about AI, Web3 and everything in between. Aside from ChainGPT’s CEO, Bitrue welcomed David Sung (Web3 SA AWS), 0xLeon (CrossSpace CEO), and Mark (Bubble.io CMO). In case you missed the AMA, you can play the recording in the link below and see the original announcement.

Bitrue AMA Spaces recording

20% growth in $CGPT Holders in 2 weeks 📈

Aside from seeing amazing growth rates in CGPT TVL and staking pools, we’ve also shared the news about the recent 20% growth in the number of CGPT DEX holders in only 2 weeks. With the recent growth, there are now 21,000 CGPT decentralized wallet holders. Check out the original announcement and stay tuned for more CGPT updates. 


KuCoin x CGPT Trading Contest 🏆

If you are following up with ChainGPT on X (Twitter), you know that we are true fans of community giveaways, competitions and contests. We’ve organized another trading contest with KuCoin, where participants have a chance of winning a share of the $10,000 Prize Pool in CGPT! Traders with the highest trading volumes will be shortlisted and rewarded. See the original announcement and found out how you can join the KuCoin x CGPT Trading Contest.

Join the KuCoin Trading Contest

ChainGPT AI News on Binance Square 🟨

In collaboration with Binance Square, ChainGPT brings AI-Generated News to millions of users! Our goal is to provide objective and no-FOMO, no-FUD news and make fact-checked unbiased information easily accessible to everyone in Web3 and beyond! Find ChainGPT AI News on Binance Square, give us a follow for AI news feeds and see the original announcement. Learn more about the collaboration in our latest blog.

ChainGPT AI News on Binance Square
ChainGPT brings AI News to millions

Thanksgiving Giveaway 🦃

We are thankful for our community and the support we are receiving from the very start of the project! In the spirit of the holiday and to express our gratitude, we have organized a Thanksgiving Giveaway with Galxe! Check out the original announcement and find out how you can win $1,000 in CGPT. 

Thanksgiving Giveaway

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