Weekly Roundup 11.26. - 12.02.
From trading contests and exciting product releases, to partnerships and new features, ChainGPT continues to set new records beyond this week’s recap. Follow us through an eventful, action-packed roundup of all the exciting events at ChainGPT. 

KuCoin Contest Ends 🎁

 Another amazing trading contest in collaboration with KuCoin has come to an end! We rewarded the top traders with the highest trading volumes with a total of $10,000 in $CGPT. Check out the original announcement for the 24-hour reminder, and make sure to claim your reward if you’re among the top traders who won.  


ProBit Global Competition Starts 🏆

One trading competition’s end is another competition’s start - that’s our motto at ChainGPT (well, not really, but there’s always a competition you could win around here!). ProBit Global and ChainGPT will reward the most active traders with $39,000 in $CGPT! The competition will end on December 14th, so traders still have plenty of time to show off their trading skills and win a share of the Prize Pool. Find the announcement and learn how you can enter the competition. 

ProBit Global x CGPT Trading Competition

Chainlink Integration Update 🔗

Chainlink shared an Adoption Update outlining eight different integrations across four existing services. ChainGPT is a part of the Chainlink network through the use of Chainlink’s CCIP to enhance cross-chain functionalities for our Crypto AI Hub. Find the announcement and learn more about ChainGPT x Chainlink integration.

Chainlink x ChainGPT Integration

ChainGPT x Li.Fi Partnership 🤝

We are thrilled to share that we have partnered with Li.Fi! In collaboration with Li.Fi, ChainGPT developed a seamless cross-chain swap functionality as one of the experiences enabled through our AI Chat Bot. Check out the original announcement and learn more about our collaboration and the upcoming functionality.


Automated Burn Mechanism 🔥

Now, you can see burn contributions with every credit you purchase because we’ve automated the Burn mechanism for CGPT. With the latest update and through automation, the system converts 50% of the revenue into stablecoins. Then, $CGPT is bought for stablecoin and burned, that way reducing the supply. Check out the original announcement.


New $CGPT Listings ✅

We are expanding day-to-day with more listings for $CGPT on the horizon. $CGPT entered the new markets, and you can now find our tokens on ProBit, P2B, TooBit, Coinsbit, Cryptology, CommEX, DEXTrade, and Bitstorage. Stay tuned as we expand our reach and access to the ChainGPT ecosystem. See the announcement and find our new spot listings. 


New Credit System Revealed 💳

We’ve been working hard on new functionalities, and updating our credit system is on the list of novelties we are proud to share with our community and the Web3 space. We are super excited to announce that ChainGPT Credit System will undergo a significant update next week. With the new update, users will be able to buy credits with other cryptocurrencies aside from CGPT, as well as using a credit card. The automated Burn mechanism is a significant part of the Credit System update. Check out the original announcement, and stay tuned for the update.


Cross-chain Swap Revealed ⛓️

December 6th will be a big day for ChainGPT as we launch our new product, AI Trading Assistant, and the new functionality we proudly share - Cross-chain Swap. From next week, AI Chat Bot users could ask their favorite Bot to find the best swapping route for any crypto. You just need to ask, and the AI Chat Bot will offer the cheapest routes from any chain to any chain. Stay tuned, mark your calendar, and see the original announcement.  


AI Trading Assistant Announced 🤖

Ai Trading Assistant is launching soon! Last week, we revealed that we will launch a product that our users have been very excited about and eager to try. Our Trading system powered by AI is developed and created to help traders make smarter decisions based on facts, data, and intelligent AI calculations. Learn more about how we aim to revolutionize trading analysis for crypto trading and see our original announcement. We can’t wait to see our newest product hit the market!

AI Trading Assistant

9M NFTs Generated to Date 🖼️

ChainGPT is setting new records with the latest stats, as we reveal that 9 million NFTs have been minted to date by our users! That’s an extraordinary number of digital collectible art pieces - each unique, created with a prompt, minted in seconds, and completely free. You can head to the NFT Generator and mint your digital masterpiece or browse through 9 million minted NFTs and react to the ones you like. Check our announcement and head to ChainGPT NFT Generator to start minting. 

AI NFT Generator

Poll: New Product Releases 🗳️

We asked our community what new product releases by ChainGPT are the most excited about and we have a feeling what that could be, but we’ll leave it to you to vote. Head to the Community Poll, check out the list of upcoming products, and give your vote. 

Community Poll

$CGPT Among the Top Gainers on BNB Chain 👑

We love to see our project on the top and dominating with innovative technology, which is why we were thrilled to learn that $CGPT has been among the top gainers in the BNB ecosystem in the last seven days. We are working hard to keep up the momentum as we develop and roll out new functionalities and products and welcome new CGPT holders. Check out the announcement by BSCDaily.


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