Work X is set to launch on ChainGPT Pad!

Work X is on the brink of a significant milestone with its forthcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on ChainGPT Pad. Termed as the ‘Infrastructure for The Internet of Jobs,’ Work X aims to disrupt the traditional online recruitment sector, positioning itself as the first decentralized job economy. This innovative platform seeks to facilitate collaboration without the interference of commercial middlemen such as UpWork or Indeed, ushering in a new era of job matching powered by artificial intelligence.

The Vision: ‘Infrastructure for The Internet of Jobs’

Work X envisions a decentralized job economy that empowers both talent and employers, eliminating the need for commercial intermediaries. By leveraging blockchain technology and AI, Work X promises to optimize salaries, provide verified work experience through on-chain references, offer AI assistance for instant job postings and education suggestions, and introduce decentralized identity solutions to give users control and ownership over their career credentials.

Market Potential

The online recruitment market, currently valued at $135 billion, is projected to reach $213 billion by 2028. Work X positions itself strategically within this lucrative market, aiming to capture a significant share by offering a decentralized and transparent alternative to traditional recruitment platforms.

Key Features

  • Decentralized Matching: facilitates collaboration without commercial fees, optimizing salaries for both talent and employers.
  • Verified Work Experience: utilizes on-chain references to authenticate and validate work experience, enhancing trust in the recruitment process.
  • AI Assistant: empowers users with the ability to generate job postings and receive personalized education suggestions instantly, streamlining the job search process.
  • Decentralized Identity: puts users in control of their career credentials, ensuring ownership and security.

The Work X Team

Behind this visionary project is a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to shaping the future of job markets:

Rik Rapmund (CEO): with a history of building blockchain tech since 2012, Rapmund was recognized among the top 500 tech talents in The Netherlands under the age of 30.

Daniel de Witte (CTO): bringing over 30 years of coding experience, de Witte has been involved in the blockchain space since 2010 and possesses international experience as a lead at a large logistics company.

Patrick Storchenegger (Legal Board Member): an executive board member of the Ethereum Foundation, Storchenegger brings invaluable legal expertise to the team.


Work X has assembled a prestigious advisory board, including individuals such as Marty Tuk (Managing Partner, The Executive Network), Theo Bouts (Ex CEO Zurich Insurance Mobile Solutions), Jennifer Jordan (Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior at IMD), Harry Lewis, and Harrison Gwinnett (TGE Ventures), among others.

Impressive Traction and Partnerships:

The project has gained substantial traction and support:

  • Lead Backers: EU Commission & APG (with $538 billion AUM).
  • Corporate Support: 52 corporates committed to listing jobs on Work X.
  • User Onboarding: 500k+ candidates from 50+ corporate clients about to join the Web3 platform.
  • Financials: $2.5 million raised, $250k+ revenue generated, 100k+ users on the Work X platform, and 900+ Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) supporting the project.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Work X has strategically diversified its revenue streams:

  • AI Assistant Subscription
  • Corporate SaaS Model
  • Assessment Marketplace
  • Development Lounge

Backers and Partnerships

Work X has garnered support from influential backers, including the EU Commission, APG, Ocean Protocol, TGE Ventures, G20, TVC, TEN, WHYZ, and more. The platform has also formed strategic partnerships with Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Unilever, Zurich Insurance, and over 40 others.

IDO Specifications

  • Dates:
    Registration: November 24th 12 PM — November 28th 10 AM (UTC)
    Pre-Order: November 29th 12 PM — November 30th 12 PM (UTC)
    Guaranteed Round: November 30th 12 PM — December 1st 12 PM (UTC)
  • Allocation: $200,000
  • Token Name: $WORK
  • Token Price: $0.200
  • Network: BSC
  • Vesting: 15% on TGE, no cliff, 21,25% every month for 4 months

Token Generation Event (TGE) Details

  • Date: December 5th
  • Initial Market Cap (IMC): $135.227 (Ex-Liquidity)
  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $20 million

Work X project stands as innovation in the decentralized job economy, poised to reshape the way people find and secure employment. The impressive backing, partnerships, and traction suggest a promising future for Work X as it seeks to redefine the landscape of online recruitment. ChainGPT Pad is excited to offer an opportunity to our community to be part of this project.

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