How to Sell AI Art as an NFT

AI-generated art has launched us into an age where technology and creativity meet. Now, anyone can engage in the world of arts and technological advancement to create unique digital art with AI image generators. You don’t need a background in development, a degree in art history, or even in-depth knowledge in AI technology to create digital art or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

ChainGPT offers a state of the art free NFT generator that works just as intuitively as other AI art generators. It’s easier than ever to create single NFTs–or even entire NFT collections–with just a few keywords and inspiration. Simply type your keywords into the text box and hit 'Generate' to have your customized, fully-minted NFT ready for deployment.

In this article, we’ll discuss the legality of selling AI art as an NFT and how to sell your NFT on numerous NFT marketplaces. Let’s dive in!

Is It Legal to Sell AI-Generated Art as an NFT?

In most cases, AI-generated art is legal to sell as an NFT. Generally speaking, many artists and freelancers make commissions selling AI-generated art on freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr and Redbubble. However, the legality ultimately relies on the license your AI images are generated under.

Licensing terms can range from full commercial use to limited personal use, and this can also be dependent on your subscription to your AI image generator. Typically, free trials and free accounts are limited to personal use, meaning you cannot legally sell or use the AI art commercially (for sale or other business purposes, such as posters or book covers).

When it comes to AI-generated NFTs, at ChainGPT, you don’t need to worry about the loopholes or legal jargon to create an NFT that is ready to hit the NFT marketplace. It’s easy to learn how to randomly generate NFT art through our AI-powered NFT generator. With just the click of a button, you can create a generative NFT in as little as thirty seconds!

Generative NFTs and AI Art

What is a generative NFT? Generative NFTs are a form of generative art that commonly uses autonomous systems or algorithms to randomly generate NFTs. Randomly generated AI art is an example–a generative NFT uses this same process to produce a unique, minted NFT.

How to Sell Your AI Art on the NFT Marketplace

Because NFTs represent true ownership over an image or a piece of art, it’s no surprise that some art and tech enthusiasts will spend thousands, if not millions, just to purchase an NFT. With these three easy steps, you can earn cryptocurrency with your NFT sales and trades:

Create Your AI Art

AI-generated art doesn’t need to look any specific way. This is where artistic license comes into play! We recommend brainstorming a specific vision you have for your collection of NFTs because if your art becomes popular, customers will be drawn to your distinctive aesthetic and style.

Think about your brand and concept, steering clear of styles or keywords that directly emulate other creators or artists. Keywords such as 'anime' or 'kawaii' are acceptable when narrowing down your style, but using specific references such as 'Ghibli' or 'Ai Yazawa' may get you into the murky waters of intellectual property violations.

Next, type in your keywords into ChainGPT’s NFT generator. We recommend using the 'Multi NFT Collection' option to generate a range of NFT options.

Install Your Digital Wallet

Digital wallets allow you to make transactions on the blockchain and connect to various NFT marketplaces. While Metamask isn’t the easiest to use, it’s universally recognized on a variety of blockchains and marketplaces. This is ideal because ChainGPT supports multiple blockchains, and with a wider reach, you can have a larger customer base.

Find an NFT Marketplace and Make Sales

The most popular NFT marketplace is OpenSea, where all you need is your NFT and a digital wallet. Once you’ve built a profile, find the 'Create' option and follow the instructions as listed. All that’s left is to set your price!

There are two options when it comes to setting a price: you can opt for a fixed price, which controls how much the NFT should cost, or you can auction your NFT. This allows buyers to compete by paying in crypto, and the highest bidder will receive the NFT.

With ChainGPT, generating income with AI-generated NFTs has never been easier. If you’re ready to capitalize on this cutting edge technology, strike while the iron is hot and try out our NFT generator today!