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ChainGPT offers various flexible plans to allow retail users and developers access to advanced Web3 AI tools.
Beta Free
0 CGPT / request
Beta is already here, and it's free!
Free access to ChainGPT
Limited calls
Slower response
May not always be available
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PPP Plan
0.1 CGPT / request
Pay-Per-Prompt premium access.
0.1 CGPT per request
99.99% server uptime
Ultra-fast response rate
Gain access to all premium tools
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10,000 CGPT / freemium
Stake $CGPT for a freemium access.
Stake 10,000 CGPT
99.99% server uptime
Ultra-fast response rate
Gain access to all premium tools
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Integrate your project with ChainGPT AI
General model training
Toke price integration
Track on-chain data
Add ChainGPT to your Telegram, Discords, and Website
free integration & partnership
API access
0.1 CGPT / API call
Build applications with our API.
Fast response rate
Model tuning is available
High limit of API calls per hour
Pay only for what you use
Not Available Yet
Working on something big?
Ultra-fast response rate
Model tuning is available
No maximum API calls
Pay only for what you use
Not Available Yet

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ChainGPT Accessibility

Beta (Free) 0/ CGPT
PPP Plan0.1/ CGPT
FreemiumStake CGPT

Access to ChainGPT AI Assistant

Access to Premium AI Tools


99.9% Server Up-time


Ultra-fast Response Rate


Frequently asked

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What is ChainGPT?
ChainGPT is an advanced AI model that assists individuals and businesses with everything related to Crypto and Blockchain technology. Access complete solutions and use cases using our advanced AI model: Blockchain analytics, AI trading, smart-contract development, AI auditing, risk management, crypto news source, etc.
Is ChainGPT free?
ChainGPT is currently in its beta stages, and we're working diligently to expand our final AI model. In its beta stage, ChainGPT is free for individuals and not yet accessible for developers and businesses via API. Once our utility token is released, we will make the 1.0 version available and SDK & API available for individuals, developers, and businesses. At that stage, ChainGPT will no longer be free, and users will have various pricing options.
Is ChainGPT currently available for use?
We have developed an early beta model for ChainGPT's AI. As a result, individuals and businesses can begin exploring the use cases and solutions our advanced AI model can offer.
How does ChainGPT work?
ChainGPT is a pre-trained language model that uses deep learning techniques such as transformer networks to generate human-like text. It has been trained on a large dataset of text related to crypto and blockchain technology, which allows it to understand and respond to natural language queries about the subject. When a user inputs a query, the model processes it and generates a response based on the information it has learned from the training data. In addition, the model uses advanced techniques such as attention mechanisms to weigh the importance of different input parts and generate a more relevant and accurate response.”
Can ChainGPT help me program a smart contract?
Yes, ChainGPT can assist with programming smart contracts and other tasks related to decentralized applications and AI trading bots.
How is ChainGPT different from ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is very limited regarding new resources, as it is not connected to the internet. ChainGPT, on the other hand, can pull on-chain live data, crypto prices, the latest news, and the newest research about technologies and generally stay up-to-date with accurate information. On top of that, ChatGPT has trained its model with approximately 1% of the information about Crypto & Blockchain; therefore, it tends to provide users with wrong information. ChainGPT V1 is trained with over 95%+ data specific to Blockchain & Crypto, and the remaining being data like Technical Analysis. If that's not enough, ChainGPT is designed to write smart contracts, audit smart contracts, analyze charts, technical analysis, AML solutions, and much more. An advanced AI model explicitly designed for blockchain can provide many use cases to developers, businesses, and individuals in this field. ChatGPT was not intended for the use cases we aim to deliver with V1.
Is ChainGPT AI model open-source?
At ChainGPT, we are dedicated to ensuring our AI model's highest quality and security. Unfortunately, our GitHub repository is only accessible to our engineers as we work towards the full release of our product. However, we have plans to open-source the code and make it available to the public, along with the launch of our main version of ChainGPT. In the meantime, we are in the beta stage of development and carefully testing and refining our AI technology. Thank you for your understanding and interest in ChainGPT.
What is $CGPT token?
$CGPT is the utility token behind the ChainGPT ecosystem. It is ultimately how individuals and businesses access the AI model, ChainGPT, and API.
How can I get $CGPT?
The $CGPT token has yet to be released, and the official dates for the early sale and launch will be announced shortly. During the early sale phase, early adopters will get a window opportunity to obtain $CGPT before its launch on exchanges. Afterward, $CGPT will be available on decentralized and centralized exchanges.
Are there ways to earn $CGPT tokens?
Yes, there are various ways in which users can earn $CGPT tokens. One is by staking and farming; another is by selling tokens on our ChainGPT dedicated crypto marketplace.
Can I use ChainGPT without spending $CGPT?
Individuals can access ChainGPT without spending $CGPT tokens by simply staking the required amount for free and unlimited use. Otherwise, you can pay per prompt request. On the other hand, businesses and developers will be required to stake a spendable amount of $CGPT that will be reduced with each prompt call to ChainGPT's API. In short, individuals can use the platform for free, and businesses and developers must pay based on API usage.
Staking vs Farming
Staking and farming are generally ways to earn rewards in the blockchain space. With ChainGPT, staking and farming play an essential part in the ecosystem. Staking provides users access to ChainGPT, and farming offers a way to earn additional rewards in $CGPT tokens.
What is ChainGPT Staking?
Staking offers individuals free and unlimited access to ChainGPT without spending their $CGPT tokens with each request. On the other hand, businesses and developers interested in using the ChainGPT API must stake a spendable amount of $CGPT that will reduce each API request.
What is ChainGPT Farming?
Farming offers all $CGPT holders ways to earn additional rewards in $CGPT by simply providing liquidity for $CGPT and other pre-approved tokens. Such as stablecoins, popular blockchain coins, and exchange tokens.
When will staking & farming become available?
Both staking & farming decentralized applications will become available with the launch
Which pairs will the farming platform support?
The farming platform will support a variety of pairs, including stablecoins, popular blockchain coins, and exchange tokens.
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