$CGPT Tokenomics — When economic incentives meet AI on the blockchain
Tokenomics are the physics of digital finance and the logical markers of a crypto project’s economic soundness. It is the glue that binds applications with their real-world market demands.

Built on a foundation of core human psychological primitives and synthesized with modern economic principles, tokenomics are a fundamental driving force behind the widespread adoption and market acceptance of any crypto, blockchain, and Web3 project.

Ultimately acting as digital constructs of money, tokens are abstract tools that help facilitate transactional activity in open technological protocols. Depending on their design, tokens can act as one of or some mixture of a store value, a unit of account, and/or a medium of exchange.

While their market rate will always be tithed to the immortal social value mechanism of supply vs. demand, tokenomics are rooted in something much deeper. The relationship of the digital asset to its underpinning ecosystem. The greater the degree of reliance between the two, the greater the potential.

Without further ado, let us dive into the $CGPT Tokenomics.

Contract address:




Ticker Symbol: $CGPT
Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain / Ethereum
Token Standard: BEP-20 / ERC-20
Archetype: Utility
Economic Model: Deflationary
Supply Policy: Burning
Burn Rate: 50% of network operational fee

Fee model and Burning:
Every, interaction with the ChainGPT suite of applications demands payment in the $CGPT token. The fees will be dealt with as follows: 50% of the fee is burned, 25% will be sent to DAO treasury, and 25% to the ChainGPT operational vault.

For a more in depth explanation of the $CGPT token’s burning mechanism logic please refer to the official ChainGPT documentation Burn section → here

Distribution / Allocation:

Private A — 11.40%
Private B — 4.50%
Public — 9.00%
Liquidity — 20.00%
Team — 10.00%
Development — 4.00%
Advisory — 3.00%
DAO — 9.00%
Reserve — 9.85%
Marketing — 9.00%
KOLs — 6.25%
Farm — 5.00%

For specifications around the token emission including the round rates, vesting schedules, cliffs, and unlocks please refer to the table provided in the official ChainGPT documentation under the tokenomics section → here


  • PPU for AI model
  • Staking for Priority Access
  • Membership to the DAO
  • Inclusion into a Tier level for ChainGPT Pad

PPU for AI Model
Pay-Per-Use. Regardless of whether the use is engaged via the official interface or called via the API, every interaction with the ChainGPT AI will carry a minute cost that will have to be paid in $CGPT tokens. There are separate costs structures associated with the level of user sophistication that will be outlined in the Pricing Guide here.

Staking for Priority Access
Staking the $CGPT token provides an exclusive, unlimited, priority access to the ChainGPT AI model. Earmarked at the 10,000 $CGPT token level, individual users that stake their tokens bind them to the platform for a predetermined length of time and unlock a premium level of access that incurs no ongoing costs. However, businesses and enterprises that require commercial level applications via the API will have their recurring costs deducted from their committed staking allocation. 🥩 Stake Here 🥩

Membership to the DAO
Users that are interested in ownership and governance of the ChainGPT ecosystem will be given rights to participation (Proposing and Voting) in the ChainGPT Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Enabled through the staking module, members will be able to coordinate with each other and steer the direction of the projects development. 🏛 View DAO Here 🏛

Inclusion into a Tier level for ChainGPT Pad
In order to unlock complete access to the benefits provided by the ChainGPT Pad and access all of the potential projects; users must stake their $CGPT to accumulate tier points. Based on the amount of tokens staked and the duration they are staked for, users gain different tiers that provider their own benefits. More information about the launchpad can be found in out introductory post here and details about the tier system here.

For ancillary use cases such as LP (liquidity provision) and farming please refer to the official ChainGPT documentation section on Farming → here

Through careful design considerations, ChainGPT has weaved the $CGPT token into its business architecture. Tying the demand for its AI model to the $CGPT token, from NFT and smart contract generation to auditing and community management, the amount of vectors that transmute value through $CGPT are vast.

By recording all activity on-chain, ChainGPT has been able to establish a virtuous, transparent economy of AI services that track real-world demand for artificial intelligence. Moreover, as the asset required for inclusion into the ChainGPT DAO, $CGPT becomes the tool that invites communities of AI enthusiasts and unites them through the power of ownership.

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