ChainGPT AI NFT Generator — Prototype Release

The world of on-chain art just got a makeover.
ChainGPT has officially released the AI NFT Generator prototype to the public.

NFTs have become a vector of value creation for artists, communities, and even corporations.

New Industries are being born and old ones are being transformed into their digital equivalents through the application of NFTs.

Entrepreneurs of from all walks of like are looking to integrate NFTs into their project supply chains to strengthen the relationships with their communities and expand their product suites. However, creating NFT collections manually is extremely costly in time, effort, and money.

First, an adequate, talented artist must be found and retained.
Then, the artist must spend weeks, if not months, creating the art.
Then, that art must be inspected and in 99.9% of cases revised.
Finally, that art must be tagged, organized, and uploaded.

Costs can run into the tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and consume months to complete.

These overheads have been deterring talented, brilliant people from participating in the digital economy.

Until now.

ChainGPT has just changed this paradigm; leveled the playing field and empowered an entirely new caliber of digital entrepreneurs with the most powerful generator in the Web3 industry.

Hello, ChainGPT AI NFT Generator.

Transforming simple text into captivating, high-fidelity images, the ChainGPT NFT generator utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to convert ideas into tangible, visual, products.


Condensing months into minutes, ChainGPT’s AI NFT generator has been purposefully designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

1) Navigate to the dashboard,
2) Provide a text prompt,
3) Wait 30–60 seconds,
4) Approve and mint or regenerate
Thats it.

Generation Options

Creating NFTs in the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator comes in two distinct formats:

Option 1: Single NFT
Option 2: Collection

Option 1: Single NFT
Best for results that require individual super specific attention. Be it for an artist to express their thoughts or feelings through a visual medium or a business that needs abstract imagery for its content, ChainGPT’s single NFT generator option caters to the most complex demands with the highest quality results.

Option 2: Collection
The second option of generating collections is optimized to serve use cases where large batches of unique art are required. Some of the most prominent collection applications are for Ticketing and community building. Rather than having to mass print un-inspiring, redundant copies of tickets, it is possible to provide your audience with unique, yet distinguishable designs for their tickets. As it relates to the building on communities, collections that are bread from a single prompt will carry the essence of a community uniformly throughout all of its pieces; in turn creating a visual bond that unites all of its members under the same principle.

* Collections size will vary with a maximum cap at 10,000 images per request.

For more information on creating NFTs with AI, read our article on how to use an AI NFT Generator.


The ChainGPT AI NFT generator is built to compliment the most abstract thinkers and realize the imaginations of the most arbitrary concepts. There is no hardcoded universal framework for perfect prompting; the best prompt are those that produce desired results.

However, as a rule of thumb, remember, the more accurate and descriptive the prompt provided, the more accurate the outcome will be.

Anything from as concrete and straightforward as: “ White Rhino In Space”

White Rhino In Space (ChainGPT AI NFT Generator)

To something more abstract: “Obsidian God Wearing Jewelry in a Mansion”

Obsidian God Wearing Jewelry in a mansion (ChainGPT AI NFT Generator)

We invite users to play around with the generator in order to get a sense of how it will interpret their ideas.

* Spelling and grammar: don’t worry, the ChainGPT AI is as advanced a model as possible, the NLP (Natural Language Processing) will be able to comprehend linguistic nuances.


In order to truly make this technology accessible to a wider audience, the borders to entry must be lowered. Understanding this, ChainGPT has specifically designed a cost structure for the NFT generator that is an order of magnitude more affordable.

Prototype is free for limited time use:

V1 pricing will be based on a similar model to general product usage.

Users: 0.1 $CGPT per request
Stakers: 10,000 $CGPT staked = unlimited use
Business: 0.1 $CGPT per API call


The creative mind of the prompter.

Try it for yourself and find out.

Free for a limited time only, stop by now to experience the transformative power of the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator:

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