Over 200k NFTs Created 72 hours after ChainGPT AI NFT Generator Prototype Release

Generative art has become the frontier of self-expression for creatives looking to digitize their processes with AI. ChainGPT is proud to provide them with the tooling to realize their visions.

On June 1, 2023, we unveiled the prototype of ChainGPTs AI NFT Generator to the public and within just 72 hours after launch the vibrant imaginations of our users came to life, creating over 200,000 NFTs!

In addition to the $CGPT communities participation, all of the recent attention we have been receiving has brought in an influx of fresh ideas from brand new users! We are so excited to see that the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has been gaining traction from around the far corners of the crypto and Web3 space!

The generator itself has been tuned for maximal balance between realism and fantasy; resulting in the work created so far being absolutely awe-inspiring.

From the playful, comical gender play on Elon Musk himself:

To some serious galactic gangsters:

The possibilities with ChainGPTs NFT AI generator are boundless!

Interesting Observations

There has been such a colorful divergence in the behaviors of the userbase that it astounding us!

Being a project that originated its blockchain presence in the Binance ecosystem ($CGPT token is on the Binance Smart Chain), it was implicit that the user base would be primarily focused around BSC/BNB. However, as the forward-thinking project that ChainGPT is, we decided to open the creative space up wider to invite a broader audience by introducing the Ethereum network and the Sepolia testnet.

Lo and behold, there has actually been a rather even distribution between the network choice for generating art!

But that’s not all.

At the offset, ChainGPT anticipated that the majority of generative interest would arise in the form of creating collections from project. Interestingly enough, from the empirical observations we have been able to gather, the vast majority of the images generated have actually been done so in the form of unique 1-of-1s!

Join the Generative Movement

In the prototype phase, we have chosen to give the public unlimited access to play around with the NFT generator. Those that so desire, can generate whatever they want, whenever they want.

The prototype phase won’t last forever, soon the generator will be taken to its public beta. So take advantage of it while you can, put your imagination to the ultimate test 🎨 https://nft.chaingpt.org/

Guide on How To Create NFTs with ChainGPTs AI Generator Available here: https://medium.com/chaingpt-blog/how-to-create-an-nft-using-chaingpts-ai-nft-generator-e9a0b8848ee2

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