ChainGPT Pad IDO Spotlight: GAIMIN Exceeds 400K Downloads Post-launch

ChainGPT Pad is launching some of the most prominent and innovative IDOs in Web3, earning recognition as the top IDO launchpad for 2023.

One such project is GAIMIN, a base layer designed for game developers to build NFTs, blockchain functionality, and white-label gaming tokens into their games. GAIMIN found a trusted partner for the IDO launch in ChainGPT Pad, also launching with Seedify, which helped the project garner support in the crypto community.

After the IDO launch, GAIMIN reached a significant milestone, exceeding 400,000 downloads while onboarding thousands of new users. Take a deep dive to learn more about how GAIMIN is changing the Web3 gaming landscape. 

Welcoming a New Era of Gaming with GAIMIN

GAIMIN most recently achieved over 400,000 downloads and 50,000 active monthly users, validating the project’s value, now with a demonstrated ability to attract, engage, and foster a thriving community interested in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain-based gaming.

With a suite of carefully crafted tools and products tailored for over 1.6 billion PC gamers, GAIMIN is set to become the ultimate gateway for the widespread adoption of Web3 games. 

GAIMIN’s platform offers numerous features and benefits for gamers, developers, and stakeholders including passive rewards, in-game asset ownership, and blockchain-powered tools. These features enhance the gaming experience and pave the way for a more inclusive and rewarding future of Web3 gaming. 

GAIMIN rewards users for participation, opening new revenue streams through passive monetization, gamification, achievements, and community awards. The incentivization system enhances the GMRX token economy and maximizes the value for all ecosystem participants. 

GAIMIN cloud platform supports AI processing, advanced rendering, and blockchain operations via the collective computational power of its users. Gamers can monetize their idle computing power, earning rewards while enjoying their favorite games or leaving their systems running with the GAIMIN platform installed. Additionally, GAIMCRAFT, GAIMIN’s developer tools, serve as a gateway for developers seeking to integrate Web3 gaming technologies into existing games, facilitating a seamless transition.

Incubated by Coin Market Cap and backed by industry leaders, GAIMIN is building the fastest gaming blockchain at 150k TPS in collaboration with Movement and Binance Chain, also carrying the role of BNB Chain Web3 gaming Ambassadors and standing behind one of the Top 5 Esports organizations, GAIMIN Gladiators.

GAIMIN is also the largest DePIN for GPUs in the world, demonstrating its commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

With over 53 top 3 placings and 12 billion impressions in a month, GAIMIN has demonstrated its impact and potential within the gaming ecosystem with its next-generation platform.

Supported by ChainGPT Pad, GAIMIN is set to establish itself as a prominent force in the Web3 gaming landscape, and a successful IDO and 400,000 downloads are only the beginning!