ChainGPT Pad is Launching Stage IDO: Gamifying Music Through Voting Rewards

ChainGPT Pad, known for delivering the highest returns to its investors as of January 2024, proudly announces another groundbreaking project for its tier members: STAGE. Stage is the SocialFi platform for music where the excitement of contests like American Idol and Eurovision is monetized for artists and fans alike.

Learn more about Stage on our IDO page.

Gamifying Fandom Through Voting Rewards

This year, almost 163 million viewers watched Eurovision, with fans from 156 countries casting votes for their favorite songs. 7.3 million unique viewers watched the live event, yet neither the fans nor the artists saw financial benefits from their invested attention. That's why Stage is set to capture the financial potential of that engagement to directly benefit both artists and fans. It fuses video competitions with immersive gaming elements to harness the devotion fans have for their artists and monetize it for mutual benefit. 

How It Works:

Artists upload video performances to compete in round-based competitions, while fans vote for their favorite artists and win Stage Badges – exclusive Real World Assets (RWAs) granting the top 100 voting fans exclusive perks & access to the artists they support. The better the vote, the better the access, with rewards such as private calls, backstage passes, pre-release songs, and private chats among many others. As these artists rise to fame, the value of their RWA Badges skyrocket, making them both a unique tangible collectible and a lucrative investment.


  • Unlock direct, exclusive artist content
  • Stake $STAGE for VIP tier and more rewards
  • Participate in DAO/token governance
  • Trade and sell RWA badges as the artists gain in popularity


  • Earn 60% of votes' profit and 10% in royalties on RWA Badges.
  • Direct brand building and diverse revenue streams, including:some text
    • On-chain votes & transactions
    • Digital collectibles
    • AI music tokenized asset fees
    • In-app purchases
    • Potential large-scale publishing deal commissions
    • Token buy-back & burn

Business Plan: The Stage governance model focuses on community reinvestment. In-app voting revenue will be used to buy back tokens. Fees for blockchain activities such as voting and RWA transactions will also be charged. Stage anticipates 1/3rd of revenue from votes and 2/3rds from RWA royalties by 2027.


  • $2.4 million raised
  • 65K pre-launch signups, with 43K users already using the Stage iOS app
  • Investments from Solana, Kraken US CEO, RR2 Capital/Cryptorand, Castrum Capital, Cogitent, Moonrock, Kangaroo Capital, AlfaCatalyst, Revenue Capital, Lavender Capital, Chaitech Ventures, and private investors
  • Ambassadors include Tohi, Jerry Heil, and Gola, reaching a combined audience of 13M. Upcoming ambassadors include Steve Aoki (11M), Timbaland (4M), and Scott Storch (hip-hop maestro, 1.5M followers).


2024 June:

  • TGE (Token Generation Event)

2024 Q2:

  • Public music competition launch on iOS mobile app through ambassadors
  • Badges become RWAs (Real World Assets) and trading starts
  • Staking $STAGE required to buy the special “power up” Stage collectible collection

2024 Q3:

  • MVP webapp live with staking $STAGE on other fans' and artists’ exclusive channels
  • Android version released, potentially also on Saga

2024 Q4:

  • v2 webapp live with deeper Badge integration and utility
  • $STAGE can now be used to directly unlock artist content

2025 Q1:

  • Full webapp live
  • Competitions fully on-chain
  • Voting with $STAGE provides higher value than costly in-app votes

2025 Q2:

  • Full staking functionality

2026 Q1:

  • RWA marketplace is launched
  • Surge in use of $STAGE as the main currency to exchange Badges

2026 Q3:

  • Stage governance by DAO
  • $STAGE holdings become significant

2026 Q4:

  • Launch of Artist tokens, purchasable with $STAGE tokens

Setting the Stage for Artist Success


  • Token Symbol: $STAGE
  • Contract Address: N/A
  • Network: Base
  • Market Maker: Kairon Labs
  • Public Round Token Price: $0.00125
  • Raise on ChainGPT Pad: $300k
  • Initial Market Cap (IMC) without liquidity: $200,000
  • Initial Market Cap (IMC) with liquidity: $700,000
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 5.60%

Detailed Tokenomics:



Stage is a compelling investment opportunity because it monetizes the attention economy that makes Eurovision and American Idol so successful. Fans naturally love to engage with the artists they admire. Stage gamifies and monetizes this engagement, shining the spotlight on Stage as a financial opportunity not to be missed. Its diversified revenue model, strategic roadmap, impressive pre-launch traction, and ambassador reach carve a substantial niche in a space that discerning investors understand is a new frontier for phenomenal returns: interactive music engagement.

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