ChainGPT Pad x RunesTerminal.IO: Inscribing Bitcoin History

ChainGPT Pad, as the IDO platform providing the highest returns to its investors as of January 2024, is thrilled to announce one of the most significant IDOs for ChainGPT Pad tier members we've ever had the privilege to provide: RunesTerminal. RunesTerminal is the first infrastructure provider on Runes Protocol. RunesTerminal gives blockchain developers an impressively extensive toolkit of features built on Runes Protocol, Casey Rodarmor's Layer1 for Bitcoin. 

Learn more about RunesTerminal at their IDO page.

RunesTerminal's reputation is already cemented within the blockchain developer community: their Ape Odyssey - Terminal 1 project quickly minted out in April of 2024. Their team is comprised of people with decades of Bitcoin experience. And they're building cross-chain partnerships with some of the biggest names in crypto, making blockchain more accessible to devs and investors.

RunesTerminal's features drive the evolution of the Bitcoin network, defining a whole new level of opportunity for coders and holders alike:

RunesScan:  This Runes block explorer enhances transparency and accessibility within the Runes ecosystem, allowing access to a comprehensive set of blockchain data. The alpha version is set to launch within the coming week.. 

RunesEtcher: Devs who want to launch fungible tokens on Runes Protocol use RunesEtcher to speedily define the token supply, ticker name, and other parameters to "etch" tokens.

RunesPad: RunesPad is the first launchpad for projects built on Runes Protocol. 

This two-tier platform:

  1. enables community funding by on-ramping liquidity from EVM protocols
  2. comprehensively supports developers building on Runes Protocol

RunesPad has both trust-based and trust-less sections. The trust-based area provides heavily vetted, top-tier projects while the trustless area allows any project to participate.

After project sales or IDOs, tokens are distributed on the Runes Protocol (Bitcoin L1).

RunesBook: RunesBook serves as a comprehensive wiki for the Runes ecosystem, providing detailed information about terminology and concepts. It is an essential resource for users who want to deepen their understanding of Runes and navigate Runes Protocol. 

Modified Oracle Node: RunesTerminal offers a modified node to provide oracle services for the Runes ecosystem. This B2B service supports projects by offering reliable and accurate data feeds. This is needed to enhance the functionality and reliability of the Runes network. Originally built for RunesProtocol itself, demand by other projects to make use of this oracle is increasing. 

RunesTerminal For Devs and Teams:

  • Develop in a supported lab environment and test the Runes Protocol
  • Connect to a large network of Runes developers 
  • Issue runes tokens directly on RunesEtcher without any coding knowledge
  • Receive marketing from the Runes community and top crypto marketers
  • Enjoy advisory support from their technical and business development teams
  • Access funding from their pool of RunesPad investors 
  • Attend events online and in-person with other developers building on $BTC
  • Expand your knowledge of Runes and the latest $BTC innovations

$RUNI For Holders: 

  • Infrastructure access and investment opportunities in the most important new Runes Protocol primitives
  • Tier-based allocation to RunesPad vetted launches
  • Access to veteran investors, builders and Runes developers
  • Exclusive access to airdrops, inscriptions, special allocations, and pre-IDO mints
  • Access to educational Runes newsletters and tell-alls on great new Runes use cases
  • Community-driven capital allocation via RunesPad 

Business Plan: 

RunesTerminal has designed a strategically structured fee generation system that draws sustainable revenue streams from all of its features:


  • Variable Fees: Negotiated fees between 5% to 20% of the total amount raised during each token salesome text
    • Examples:some text
      • Scenario A: A project raises $1,000,000, and the negotiated fee is 10%. earns $100,000
      • Scenario B: A project raises $500,000, and the negotiated fee is 15%. earns $75,000
    • Impact: Significant revenue potential from high-volume projects


  • Fixed Fees: Charged per usage of the RunesEtcher toolsome text
    • Option 1: Fixed amount of X $RUNI tokens
    • Option 2: Equivalent value in BTC, typically double the $RUNI value
    • Examples:some text
      • Scenario A: Usage fee is 100 $RUNI or $500 in BTC
      • Scenario B: For frequent users, a subscription model with discounts may be introduced

Distribution Tool

  • Percentage Fees: Approximately 1% of the total tokens distributedsome text
    • Examples:some text
      • Scenario A: Distributing 1,000,000 tokens incurs a fee of 10,000 tokens
      • Scenario B: For large distributions, sliding scale fees may be considered for high-volume clients

B2B Oracle Services

  • Custom Fees: Case-by-case basis, depending on usage and service requirements
  • Flexible Pricing: Tailored to the needs of each Runes projectsome text
    • Examples:some text
      • Scenario A: A small project requires basic oracle services, incurring a minimal fee
      • Scenario B: A large project needs comprehensive oracle integration, resulting in higher fees

Traction: Protocol Primacy Advantage

  • Investments from Charlie Shrem, Nxgen, Pentos Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Fusion 7, Basics Capital, CMS Holding, Dext Ventures, Foundershead, Good Partners, Lotus Capital, Ghaf Capital, Pragma Ventures, New Tribe, Optic Capital, AcquireFi, and many more
  • RunesEtcher is already live
  • Ape Odyssey - Terminal 1 project quickly minted out in April of 2024
  • B2B oracle already in demand
  • RunesScan going live at time of IDO


June 2024: Release RunesPad V1  

Big Public Testsale 50,000+ Participants


July 2024: Social Engagement System on RunesPad 

RunesScan Beta Release

Q3: Runespad V2 / Trustless Version

Runes Oracle Node V2

Q4: Operations and Maintenance, improvements, V2 

(RUNI): The Backbone of The Bitcoin Evolution



Project Name


Token Symbol


Contract Address




Market Maker


Public Round Token Price


Raise on ChainGPT Pad

175.000 USD / 75.000 KOL

Total Tokens Supply


Total Tokens for CGPT IDO


Initial Market Cap (IMC) without liquidity 


Initial Market Cap (IMC) with liquidity 


Circulating Supply at TGE 

2.268.000:  12,05% incl. Liq.

7.05% w/o Liq. 

Detailed Tokenomics:


The RunesTerminal IDO is a monumental opportunity to participate in Bitcoin history. By supporting a team with decades of Bitcoin experience, you'll have a stake in the first Runes Protocol launchpad and RunesTerminal services like RunesScan, RunesEtcher, Runebook, and the Runes Protocol oracle. Their strategic business model ensures sustainable revenue streams from RunesTerminal's proprietary features. And it also offers significant returns on the projects they'll launch on RunesPad. Beyond inevitable gains, holding $RUNI makes you part of Bitcoin's evolution, granting exclusive access to infrastructure, community, and consistent investment opportunities on Runes Protocol.

Learn more about  RunesTerminal at their IDO page. (add link) 

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