ChainGPT Pad's Incubated Startups Surge to All-Time Highs

ChainGPT Pad, renowned for its exceptional IDO services, has earned widespread recognition in the crypto industry. Awarded the title of the most popular launchpad in 2023 and recently ranked as the 'Top IDO Launchpad by Average ROI' in January 2024, ChainGPT Pad has quickly solidified its position as a leader in the space. Its success lies in its outstanding mentorship and unwavering support that extends far beyond initial token launches.

Source: Most Popular IDO Platforms on CryptoRank 2023

Significant Token Growth: ChainGPT Pad Startups Hit ATHs

In the last few days, a remarkable trend has emerged: each startup launched by ChainGPT Pad in recent months has seen its token prices soar to new all-time highs. This extraordinary growth reflects a winning formula that both ChainGPT Pad and its carefully mentored companies embrace.

The ChainGPT Pad Advantage: Rigorous Selection & Strategic Support

At the heart of this success lies ChainGPT Pad's meticulous selection process. The launchpad focuses exclusively on the most promising and skilled startups, prioritizing quality over quantity. This discerning approach ensures a high caliber of projects and contributes significantly to ChainGPT Pad's impressive track record.

Beyond Profits: Startups Focused on Innovation & Transparency

Furthermore, the startups incubated by ChainGPT Pad consistently demonstrate their unwavering dedication, transparent communication with token holders, and forward-thinking vision. The projects DexCheck, Solidus AI Tech, and GT Protocol embody these qualities. They go beyond the pursuit of short-term profits, delivering professionalism, outstanding service, and operational clarity.

The results speak for themselves. The surging token prices are a testament to the notable performance of both ChainGPT Pad and the ambitious startups it supports.

Incubation Program Successes

Spotlight on DexCheck

ChainGPT Pad's Incubation Program played a pivotal role in DexCheck's growth. The program offered comprehensive support in areas such as product development, launch strategy, marketing, capital sourcing, operations, partnerships, and market presence, streamlining listings on major exchanges.

Key Milestones in DexCheck’s Advancement:

  • Outstanding Price Surge: The token recently reached 6.9x (690%) its TGE price, with an impressive 112% growth in the past month. This impressive trajectory reflects the combined dedication and strategic expertise of both DexCheck and its ChainGPT Pad mentors.
DexCheck, February 2024, New All-Time High (ATH)
  • Successful Launches on Renowned Platforms: DexCheck has launched on several reputable platforms, including ChainGPT Pad, Seedify, Poolz, EnjinStarter, and Decubate.
  • Funds Raised: $200,000 via ChainGPT Pad IDO and over $1,000,000 through partner VCs.
  • Listings on Major Centralized Exchanges (CEXs): Listings on prominent exchanges such as Kucoin,, BitGet, and MEXC.
  • Tailored Tokenomics: DexCheck's tokenomics were carefully adjusted to align with specific market segments and the project's overall goals.
  • Recent Integrations: opBNB, zkSync, TRON DAO, Avalanche, Solana, and many more.
DexCheck’s Enhanced Online Interface Post ChainGPT Pad Incubation Program Engagement

Explore DexCheck's advancements in depth: view the full case study.

Review by DexCheck

“ChainGPT has been a cornerstone in our journey, offering invaluable guidance across multiple aspects. Their go-to-market strategy and fundraising expertise set us on a path to success, and the support we received on our launch day was second to none.
Their robust VC network of partners and connections was particularly helpful, allowing us to complete our fundraising stage fully, even during challenging bear market conditions. The ChainGPT team has been an ideal partner, exemplifying professionalism and skill at every turn. Their collaborative approach complemented our efforts and made the whole process seamless.
Special mention must go to Ilan, the CEO of ChainGPT. His leadership, kindness, and positivity have not only motivated us but instilled a sense of purpose and direction that has been invaluable.
I can't thank the ChainGPT team and Ilan enough for their steadfast support. Our successful token launch directly results from the robust ecosystem they've created, and we wholeheartedly recommend their incubator program to any aspiring projects.”
— Raph, DexCheck CEO

Impact on Solidus AI Tech

ChainGPT Pad's Incubation Program offered strategic guidance to Solidus AI tech, refining its product development, launch approach, and market positioning. This support was instrumental in securing key partnerships and listings, boosting growth and user acquisition.

ChainGPT's YouTube channel video on Solidus AI Tech received more than 120,000 views

Key Milestones in Solidus AI Tech's Progress:

  • Impressive Price Performance: The token soared to over 11.66x (1,166%) its all-time high since TGE. This achievement testifies to the hard work and shared vision of Solidus AI Tech and its ChainGPT Pad mentors.
Solidus AI Tech, February 2024, New All-Time High (ATH)
  • Launched on multiple high-profile platforms, expanding project visibility.
  • Raised significant capital through the ChainGPT Pad IDO and strategic investors.
  • Listed on numerous major CEXs, increasing accessibility and trading options.
  • Enhanced branding and web design for a stronger market presence.
  • Major collaborations with key players in Web3.

Review by Solidus AI Tech

“The ChainGPT team has played a pivotal role in our journey, offering invaluable support in various aspects of our business. They have been instrumental in helping us establish strategic partnerships with key players in the market, introducing and securing funding from venture capitalists, and providing guidance on a wide range of applications and tools. Their expertise in assisting us with the selection of key opinion leaders has been particularly impactful, enhancing our decision-making processes significantly.
What sets the ChainGPT team apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence. They consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our needs were not only met but exceeded. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service was evident in every interaction we had with them. We are extremely grateful for the support from ChainGPT and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future. Their contributions have been invaluable to our success, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking strategic support and expert guidance.”

– Paul, Solidus AI Tech CEO

Read the case study to discover how ChainGPT Pad fueled Solidus AI Tech's development.

Amplified GT Protocol's Visibility

ChainGPT Pad's marketing strategies successfully boosted GT Protocol's visibility, evident in high-profile endorsements, growing community engagement, and a significant increase in social media followers.

Key Milestones in GT Protocol Evolution:

  • Phenomenal Token Growth: A testament to the project's strength and ChainGPT Pad's mentorship, the token reached an astonishing 20X (2000%) all-time high.
GT Protocol All Time High 20X (ATHT
  • Demonstrated incubation success with top ROI performance in January.
  • Built a unique AI-driven platform empowering traders across centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Successfully listed the $GTAI token on multiple leading exchanges.
  • Fostered a rapidly expanding community across social platforms.
  • Revolutionized digital commerce with the launch of a cutting-edge AI Shopping Assistant.
  • Surpassed 80,000 registered users, reflecting strong adoption.
  • Recognized as the “Best Performing Token Sale of January by Current ROI
  • GT Protocol secured a $200K Grant from Google.
GT Protocol Secured a $200,000 Grant from Google!

Review by GT Protocol

“The guidance and support from ChainGPT have been pivotal in our journey. The strategic insights, funding avenues, and partnership opportunities provided by ChainGPT have significantly propelled our growth. Their commitment to excellence and proactive approach have been invaluable in realizing our vision. We are immensely grateful for ChainGPT's role in shaping our success story.”
– Peter Lonov, CEO, GT Protocol.

Learn about GT Protocol's successful incubation journey: access the case study.

The Chart Shows ChainGPT Price Approaching ATH

ChainGPT is Surging! Price Nears All-Time High (ATH) of $0.3059

ChainGPT's surging price reflects a powerful combination of factors:

  • Incubator Success: The extraordinary performance of ChainGPT Pad incubated startups such as DexCheck, Solidus AI Tech, and GT Protocol highlights the quality of projects launched and the effectiveness of the mentorship model.
  • Feature Innovation: Upcoming releases like CryptoGuard and the enhanced AI NFT Generator demonstrate ChainGPT's continued commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools and security features. This innovation fuels demand and investor confidence.
  • Strategic Partnerships: ChainGPT's expanding network of Web3 leaders underscores its growing market presence and strengthens its value proposition for users and investors alike.

These impressive factors work together, driving ChainGPT's exceptional growth and positioning it as a leader in the rapidly evolving Web3 and AI landscape.

Conclusion: The Future of Startup Success Starts Here

ChainGPT Pad is redefining what it means to be a launchpad. This mentorship model sets a new standard in the crypto space, from meticulous selection to ongoing support. The remarkable trajectories of DexCheck, Solidus AI Tech, and GT Protocol serve as a testament to this approach. You can access their individual case studies to learn more about ChainGPT Pad's unique incubation approach.

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