ChainGPT Pad's Weekly Roundup 01.27. - 02.02.
We had an extremely dynamic and exciting week at ChainGPT Pad last week, and the momentum continues as we are welcoming more amazing IDOs week-to-week! See how our week went in our latest recap and stay in the loop with future events by following ChainGPT Pad on Twitter (X)!

Forward Protocol ($FORWARD) IDO Launched 🎊

We take pride in our IDO selection process, and the ChainGPT Pad team ensures that only the best IDOs are served to the community with maximum transparency and fairness in IDO Rounds. Forward Protocol is one such IDO, emerging as a revolutionary tool, inspired by the simplicity of WordPress, offering a no-code, cost-effective pathway to create blockchains, subnets, and dApps. $FORWARD launched on ChainGPT Pad last week - check out the official announcement and learn more about the project.

Learn more about Forward Protocol IDO

Forward Protocol ($FORWARD) SOLD OUT 🤩

As soon as we launched $FORWARD IDO, the entire token allocation was sold out in seconds! We are excited to see such interest in Forward Protocol IDO in our community, with over 7,500 participants! Check out the original announcement and stay tuned for more amazing IDOs.  


Web3War ($FPS) Whitelist Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate Web3War IDO arriving at ChainGPT Pad, we have organized a Whitelist Giveaway, rewarding 15 community members with a guaranteed whitelist spot for the then-upcoming $FPS IDO. Find the original announcement below and follow CahinGPT Pad on Twitter (X) to stay tuned for WL Giveaways and more amazing IDOs. 


Web3War ($FPS) IDO Launched 🏁

Web3War IDO launched on ChainGPT Pad last week, and we are thrilled to support the IDO of an innovative Web3 gaming project. Web3War (W3W) is a free-to-play, seasonally updated first-person shooter game. It's the brainchild of top-notch game creators Roll1ng Thund3rz and is powered by Zilliqa, a pioneer in blockchain technology. See the original announcement and learn more about Web3War. 

Learn more about Web3War IDO


Shortly after we opened the FCFS Round, Web3War IDO was all sold out! Once again, our community showed immense interest with over 8,200 users participating in $FPS IDO. Check out the original announcement and stay tuned not to miss out on more fabulous IDOs on ChainGPT Pad. 


Style Protocol ($STYLE) IDO Announced 📣

This week was busy for the ChainGPT Pad team, so we welcomed another prominent IDO, Style Protocol. Unlike we usually do for most of our IDOs, we are organizing a Private and Public Sale for $STYLE. See the links below to learn more about how you can register for Style Protocol IDO and what tiers are eligible for Private and Public Sale. $STYLE IDO is still upcoming, so you have time to register and learn everything you need to know about this promising Web3 gaming project. 

Learn more about Style Protocol IDO

Style Protocol ($STYLE) Private Sale 🎩

The registration period for the Style Protocol Private Sale has already started, so members who are staking as Gold and Diamond Tier can already register their interest in $STYLE. See the original announcement and make sure to register your interest so as not to miss out. 

$STYLE Private Sale details

GT Protocol ($GTAI) Exclusive Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate one of the most successful IDOs we have ever had the honor to support within our Incubation program, we have organized an Exclusive Giveaway for $GTAI IDO Participants. We are rewarding a total of $150,000 in $GTAI, out of which $100,000 is reserved for Gold and Diamond Tier members. To find out the rules of this Exclusive Giveaway and check your eligibility, see the announcement below. 


GT Protocol ($GTAI) Token Burn Contribution 🔥

To support the ChainGPT ecosystem, ChainGPT Pad contributes 1% of every raise towards the $CGPT Buy-Back and burn mechanism. After a successful IDO on ChainGPT Pad with over 19,000 participants, GT Protocol contributed 17,220 $CGPT tokens towards ChainGPT's burn mechanism. Find the TxHash in the link below.  


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