ChainGPT Pad's Weekly Roundup 03.16. - 03.22.
This week, the ChainGPT Pad community has seen more exciting IDOs going live and being announced, IDO WL Giveaways, and a strategic partnership with SidusPad. Let’s take a deep dive for a full recap of our busy and dynamic week. 

Gaimin ($GMRX) IDO Launched

We are excited to announce that $GMRX IDO was officially launched last week with ChainGPT Pad. ChainGPT Pad is always proud to welcome amazing Web3 gaming projects and provide our community the opportunity to participate in promising IDOs with an average ROI of 15.4x for 27 IDOs. See the original announcement and check out our X profile to see how the $GMRX IDO sale went.  


Gaimin ($GMRX) Achievements

With 300,000 platform downloads, 50,000 MAUs, and $500,000+ in revenue rewards, Gaimin is certainly one of the top projects in the Web3 gaming market. Read more about the achievements of the Gaimin team, and the project’s success in the announcement below. 


Ordify ($ORFY) IDO Dates

In the past week, we’ve announced the official date for the upcoming Oridfy ($ORFY) IDO on ChainGPT Pad. To learn more about the project, check out the original announcement and read our blog about Ordify. 

ChainGPT Pad Launches Ordify IDO: Bridge Blockchains, Enrich Your Portfolio

Wisdomise ($WSDM) IDO Announced

We are excited to welcome Wisdomise, an AI-powered investment platform, as one of our upcoming IDOs. To learn more about the upcoming $WSDM IDO and find out more about the project see the original announcement below and read our blog. 

ChainGPT Pad Presents Wisdomise IDO: The Dawn of AI-Driven Wealth Management

BlockGames ($BLOCK) Pre-Sale

ChainGPT Pad supports BlockGames ($BLOCK) Pre-Sale! BlockGames is a player network that powers mobile gaming applications to write, read & interact with player data at scale. ChainGPT Pad community will have exclusive access to the $BLOCK pre-sale - to learn more, see the original announcement. 


SidusPad x ChainGPT Pad Partnership

ChainGPT Pad joined forces with SidusPad to support promising game developers through an Acceleration program, top IDO projects, and business opportunities. Check out the original announcement to learn more.  


Gaimin ($GMRX) Whitelist Giveaway

We enjoy rewarding our community’s involvement and trust, which is why we often organize Whitelist Giveaways for the upcoming ChainGPT Pad IDO projects. ChainGPT Pad and Gaimin rewarded the lucky winners with a guaranteed spot for the $GMRX IDO. See the original announcement.


Ordify ($ORFY) Whitelist Giveaway

We are organizing a Whitelist Giveaway for the upcoming $ORFY IDO to reward a few lucky Giveaway participants with guaranteed spots for the Ordify IDO. The Giveaway will be open until tomorrow, March 24th, and you can join by following the official link in the announcement below. 


ChainGPT Pad Supports $PLENA TGE Quest

ChainGPT Pad supports the second week of the $PLENA TGE Quest! Check out the campaign details and find out more about the tasks in the announcement below. 


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