ChainGPT Pad’s Weekly Roundup 11.25. - 12.01.
We are leaving another dynamic week behind, but the momentum remains as we gear up for another super-exciting, action-packed week! From IDO listings and new and innovative IDOs coming to the Launchpad to giveaways and burn contributions, let’s dive into this week’s recap. 

Friend3 Token Listed ✅

After a super-successful IDO where the Friend3 token sold out in seconds, we announced the $F3 token getting listed on CEX and DEX exchanges. After the most recent listings, traders can now find Friend3 tokens on PancakeSwap,, Bitget, and MEXC. See the original announcement, learn about Friend3, and find new listings.  

Learn more about Friend3 IDO

Friend3 Records 27x ROI 📈

We are excited to see that our IDO, Friend3 ($F3), recorded 27x in returns to investors! We congratulate the Friend3 team for hitting an all-time high, and we are proud to have their project on our Launchpad. You can check out the original announcement and $F3 momentum via the link below.  


Work X IDO Goes Live 🚀

We announced another amazing IDO going live on ChainGPT Pad - Work X. Work X is a groundbreaking project that brings Web3 to the job markets, connecting professionals and companies from the blockchain and Web3 industry. Check out the original announcement and learn more about Work X as we prepare for the launch date. 

Learn more about Work X IDO

Work X IDO Sold Out 🤑

Work X sold out in seconds, with nearly 3,700 participants buying out every last available token! We are excited to have our community highly interested in innovative IDOs and even more thrilled to be able to bring these IDOs to our Launchpad. Buyers can claim their tokens in a couple of days, on December 4th. Check out the original announcement and see the official IDO page for $WORK. 

Work X IDO Page

Rebase IDO Announced 📣

Another groundbreaking and innovative IDO is coming to ChainGPT Pad - Rebase ($IRL)! Rebase is the “decentralized home for all NFTs,” offering users an AR adventure and Web3 lifestyle application. Much like a ‘Web3 Pokémon GO,’ Rebase utilizes geolocation technology to integrate NFTs into the real world, turning the exploration of physical locations into a treasure hunt for digital rewards. Find the original announcement and learn more about Rebase. 

Learn more about Rebase IDO

Openfabric x ChainGPT Giveaway Ended 🎁 

Openfabric and ChainGPT Giveaway ended and winners can now claim their rewards! Previously, we organized a Giveaway where participants could win $5,000 in $OFN and $CGPT. Find the links to claim your tokens in the link below, and verify the campaign status by connecting your wallet. Congratulations to all Giveaway winners! 


Chappyz $CGPT Burn Contribution 🔥

Another Token Burn Event is behind us, and this time, our IDO, Chappyz ($CHAPZ), contributed 10,820 $CGPT tokens, bought and burnt out of the supply. In support of the ChainGPT ecosystem, ChainGPT Pad contributes 1% of every raise towards the $CGPT Buy-Back and burn mechanism. Check out the original announcement. 


ChainGPT Pad Ranked as the #1 Launchpad by CryptoRank 🥇

CryptoRank recently shared a list of the top 7 Launchpads in the market by ROI, and ChainGPT Pad was ranked as the number 1 Pad under that category! We are excited to see our Launchpad ranked as No.1, and we are motivated to bring even more IDOs with exceptional ROI rates and innovative technologies that support and back their value. See the original announcement and check out the ChainGPT Pad IDO pages to see why we are the best. 

ChainGPT Pad IDOs

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