ChainGPT vs. ChatGPT: A Surprising Comparison

The Ultimate Showdown: ChainGPT vs. ChatGPT

The AI revolution is pretty simple. Most people are using LLMs, which are large language models. 

LLMs process mind-boggling amounts of language data to understand and generate human-like text in response to user queries. 

The chatbot we all know and have varied degrees of affection for, ChatGPT, is the granddaddy of generalized information. ChatGPT explains itself in its own words: 

"ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model created by OpenAI. It's designed to understand and generate human-like text, allowing users to interact with it conversationally. The model can answer questions, offer explanations, provide creative content, assist with learning tasks, and much more. Although it's versatile and general-purpose, it can be tailored to various needs through specific prompts or further training."

And that's why ChainGPT was created. It's also an LLM, but it's built on datasets specific to the Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence industries. It has specific USPs that ChatGPT can't hold a candle to. If you need targeted information about these fields, choosing ChainGPT over ChatGPT is a no-brainer.

Let's take a look.

Real-Time Market Analysis and Trading Features

One of the most frustrating issues with ChatGPT 3.5 is that it can't access the Internet to parse information. When one day in the crypto space is like three months in real-time, ChatGPT 3.5 is frankly rendered useless. 

ChatGPT 4, however, can browse the Internet. That makes it more helpful regarding certain things. But you need a paid subscription to access it, and it's rate limited. Either way, its generalized knowledge base and inability to perform several crypto-related tasks mean it can't be a go-to for those who need an AI bot that knows its stuff about crypto.  

ChainGPT's AI tools have access to live information, the latest industry news, live crypto prices, crypto market indicators, and indexes. They can provide real-time updates on market trends, coin prices, and on-chain activities. The Web3 AI bot is completely free to use. The smart contract and trading bots are not. 

Here's an example of how ChainGPT crushes ChatGPT when it comes to generating the information needed in order to make quick decisions.

Chris Duggan, ChainGPT's marketing manager, asked ChatGPT the following:

Then, he asked ChainGPT the same question:

Here are some similar questions (generated by ChainGPT) that demand real-time access to the Internet. ChainGPT can answer them. ChatGPT cannot, unless you subscribe to the paid version. 

ChainGPT's Web3 AI chatbot is a free product, so there's no reason to use ChatGPT when answers are needed to questions like this. Check it out here.  

Blockchain Analysis Capabilities

Want to track a wallet's activity using ChatGPT? Not gonna happen. If it can't connect to the Internet, it can't provide this service. Look:

Even ChatGPT 4 can't track a wallet.

Both versions of ChatGPT genially give information about possible solutions because they couldn't provide the needed information. But ChainGPT has no problem answering this query directly.

Smart Contract Auditing Tools

ChatGPT 4 is somewhat useful when it comes to guiding developers about best practices and giving general advice about security patterns and vulnerabilities. It can suggest test cases and explain security principles. It can also explain potential risks or common security issues with an inputted smart contract. 

But ChainGPT's Web3 AI bot does the same exact job for free. Anyone trying to do with ChatGPT would need to pay for a monthly subscription, and even then face the possibility of being rate limited at a time when the information is needed the most. Using the Web3 AI bot in conjunction with our Smart Contract Auditor is more intuitive, in any case. 

ChainGPT's AI Smart Contract Auditor has a free option. It's pretty basic, though. It can give a developer main improvement points to consider, generated as a report in chat. But there's also the ability to purchase a full audit. The full smart contract audit, a downloadable, detailed .pdf report with findings and recommendations, costs 132 $CGPT.

Some of the common vulnerability risks and other smart contract issues that the Smart Contract Auditor can identify are:

  • Integer Overflow/Underflow
  • Reentrancy Attacks
  • Access Control
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Logic Flaws
  • Input Validation
  • Gas Limit and Gas Optimization
  • External Dependency Risks

It also provides code-based recommendations according to industry best practices. It analyzes the gas usage of your smart contract and recommends ways to knock transaction costs down. It also breaks down issues and offers strategies for dealing with compliance, regulatory concerns and risks. It even helps contend with tokenomics, economic design, scalability and performance by listing techniques that can be used to improve the smart contract on all fronts.

Basically, ChainGPT uses its deep understanding of blockchain and crypto to offer tailored advice and code examples. Its specific training set includes real-time information about the complexities of smart contracts, tokenomics, and blockchain development. ChatGPT has broader auditing skills, but ChainGPT's specialization in blockchain and crypto allows it to deliver more precise and detailed recommendations. 

Smart Contract Generation Tools

The ChainGPT Smart Contract Generator can even generate smart contracts itself according to the above-listed features and principles. 

It creates Solidity smart contracts, reducing coding errors and vulnerabilities while saving developers time. It uses pre-trained models to generate contracts based on user input, accesses a library of pre-written code snippets, and integrates seamlessly with our auditing tool.

It does require a subscription to the PPP plan or attaining Diamond tier member status to access the Freemium plan. That means you're going to need to get some credits, or $CGPTc, if you're not staking $CGPT here. You can check out a very basic version of it in the ChainGPT Telegram channel

Blockchain and Market Analysis

ChainGPT's training on blockchain-specific data means it understands intricacies and nuances of the blockchain ecosystem. This training enables ChainGPT to analyze on-chain activity and provide real-time updates on crypto prices and market data.

ChainGPT can track and analyze transactions, wallet addresses, and smart contracts on various blockchains. It looks at the public ledger to provide insights into the movement of funds, token transfers, and other on-chain activities. If you need to track the activity of specific wallets or addresses, look at trends, or detect suspicious behavior or other anomalies, you need to use ChainGPT if you want to utilize AI tools to do so.

ChainGPT leverages its access to live information and data sources to give updates on crypto prices and market data . It can track over 5,000 cryptocurrencies, their prices, market indicators, and indexes. This allows ChainGPT to provide real-time updates on the latest prices, market trends, and other relevant information. Whether it's the price of Bitcoin, the market cap of a specific token, or the latest news impacting the crypto market, ChainGPT can provide accurate and up-to-date information. ChatGPT can't.

In Conclusion

ChainGPT is the AI toolset for the blockchain, Web3 and crypto industries you've been looking for.  ChatGPT can't hold a candle to it in this regard, green or red. Real-time market analysis, blockchain analysis, and seamless smart contract auditing and generation make ChainGPT the comprehensive crypto AI chatbot for anyone who wants to enhance their blockchain and crypto activity with the exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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