Cookie3 Enters ChainGPT Pad's Acceleration Program: Redefining Web3 Marketing

ChainGPT Pad, the award-winning launchpad known for both 2023's top IDOs and its focus on long-term project success, has a new rising star in its exclusive Acceleration Program: Cookie3, the largest MarketingFi & AI ecosystem for users, creators, and businesses.

ChainGPT Pad goes beyond traditional funding models by meticulously searching for the most talented teams with the best ideas and a relentless work ethic. Its unique incubation model and mentorship-driven approach have demonstrably fueled success, propelling all of its incubated startups to new all-time highs (ATH).

The Benefits of ChainGPT Pad's Acceleration Process

Cookie3, already a well-developed project, enters ChainGPT Pad's acceleration, a distilled version of its incubation model designed for advanced teams seeking to fast-track their market entry. This condensed program lasts 2-4 months, focusing on:

  • Preparation: Refining product systems, assessing roadmaps, and solidifying action plans with ChainGPT mentors.
  • Launching: Expert assistance with marketing, promotions, and building community buzz.
  • Post-launch support: Strategic advisory on product adjustments and market navigation.

In this nurturing environment, Cookie3 is unleashing the power of MarketingFi to redefine engagement and rewards in the digital realm.

The Cookie3 Transparent Marketing Solution: MarketingFi

MarketingFi Ecosystem: ensuring rewards go to quality users, giving value to all stakeholders

Digital advertising has traditionally enriched giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, with Google earning nearly $240 billion, Facebook over $150 billion, and Twitter $2.5 billion in ad revenue in 2023. This scenario has sparked a critical conversation about rewarding the real contributors: users and creators.

Adding to this discourse, the Digital Marketing report by Digital Channel predicts a monumental shift. The digital marketing economy is poised to reach a staggering value of over 650 billion by 2028, more than double its current worth. This projection underscores the growing importance and evolving dynamics of digital marketing, emphasizing the need for equitable value distribution among all stakeholders in the digital space.

In response, Cookie3 pioneers a transparent marketing economy that unlocks value for Web3 users, creators, and businesses through an AI data layer. To realize its mission, Cookie3 is developing a suite of off- and on-chain analytics and AI data layer solutions. These technologies connect projects with the right audiences, creating profitable opportunities for both. Through its sophisticated analytics and AI, Cookie3 ensures that only valuable user and project interactions get a slice of the MarketingFi cake.

Efficiency and Equity with MarketingFi

Referred to as the Google Analytics of Web3, Cookie3 introduces its MarketingFi ecosystem's initial offering, a Web3 performance marketing platform serving over 200 businesses, over 80 million visits analyzed, and processing more than 9 billion multichain transactions. By integrating off- and on-chain analytics with Web3 AI, Cookie3 delivers precise insights into audience behaviors, interests, and needs, enabling projects to add targeted value with exceptional accuracy.

Traditional marketing inefficiently allocates about 95% of its budget to non-converting users. MarketingFi resolves this by enabling projects to precisely target and reward active, quality participants in the ecosystem, effectively excluding bots through detailed tracking of off- and on-chain conversion events. 

This approach ensures that MarketingFi communities, creators, and all stakeholders benefit from a fair distribution of value, gaining access to new solutions and projects. Leveraging analytics and Web3 AI, MarketingFi communities earn a share of the value as they engage with new solutions and projects. Cookie3 pioneers this collaborative marketing model in the Web3 economy, seamlessly bridging the gap left by Web2 marketing practices, and ensuring value circulates freely among business owners, investors, and consumers alike.

Cookie3 Suite of Products for Businesses

Cookie3 Analytics: Your Web3 Marketing Compass

Think of Cookie3 Analytics as the Web3 world's answer to Google Analytics. This user-friendly B2B application is a game-changer for marketers looking to bridge the gap between off-chain strategies and on-chain results. It's all about getting granular with campaign performance, figuring out which tactics reel in the best users, and which ones keep them coming back for more.

With Cookie3 Analytics, you're not just shooting in the dark. It's like having a roadmap to your audience's preferences, enabling you to craft campaigns that speak directly to them. Personalized, bespoke strategies? Absolutely. Because when you know what makes your audience tick, your campaigns can't help but hit the mark.

And it's not just about a handful of success stories. Over 170 businesses trust us to sharpen their marketing edge, analyzing over 9 billion multichain transactions across more than 20 blockchain networks. Your path to unparalleled data-driven success starts now. Visit the Analytics App.

The Impact of Cookie3 Airdrop Shield on the Token Economy

Cookie3 introduces the Airdrop Shield to combat the increasing challenge of bots and airdrop hunters in sustainable airdrop campaigns. This innovative solution leverages both on-chain and off-chain data to enable Web3 projects to identify and exclude malicious participants, protecting token airdrops from exploitation.

Key Features of Cookie3 Airdrop Shield:

  • Advanced Bot Detection: The Airdrop Shield accurately identifies bots, utilizing over 15 behavioral characteristics and sophisticated AI models, allowing projects to safeguard their airdrops effectively.
  • Decision Flexibility: Projects receive a list of flagged wallets from the AI algorithm, granting them the autonomy to determine the exclusion criteria.
  • Economic Benefits: By filtering out bots, the Airdrop Shield can save projects significant amounts, redirect funds to real community members, and maintain the token's value.

Learn more about Cookie3 Airdrop Shield.

Cookie3 Suite of Products for Creators

Cookie3 Affiliate

The Cookie3 Affiliate platform is the first permissionless affiliate protocol. Businesses launch their affiliate campaigns with pre-determined conversion events (tracked by Cookie3 Analytics) and rewards, while creators choose campaigns that work for them.

Creators can withdraw their earnings directly into their wallets, choosing from tokens, airdrops, and private allocation rewards. They also receive leaderboard points for inviting other KOLs to the platform or plugging in more wallets. A high position on the leaderboard means further rewards and priority campaign access.

Why will creators use Cookie3 Affiliate?

  • Moving network on chain. Forever.

The Web3 industry is set to reach over 5B by 2030. This means more people and more KOLs coming. Once a KOL moves their network on-chain with Cookie3 Affiliate, they earn extra yield whenever the KOL they invited earns from the platform. And it gets better! ‘Grandparent’ KOLs earn passive income two generations down.

  • Clear permissionless rules.

Issues with rates, contracts, and payouts are common in the influencer industry. Cookie3 Affiliate eliminated this issue. By putting referral campaigns and their rules on-chain, influencers don’t have to negotiate contracts. They choose campaigns with pre-set rules and get their payouts as soon as pre-defined campaign conditions are met.

  • Performance-based rewards.
    It’s time to put an end to higher payouts for larger KOLs who don’t convert. Cookie3 Affiliate campaigns are performance-based, which means fair rewards for all KOLs, regardless of their follower count. Engaged connections are more valuable than large passive networks.

Why Will Businesses Use Cookie3 Affiliate?

Customizable campaign parameters.

Projects use Cookie3 Affiliate for instant access to hundreds of verified KOLs. They have

complete control over the campaign budget, which is spent only on users who convert.

Businesses can set parameters for what KOLs can see and participate in their campaigns.

For Users

Cookie3 Score

The crypto OGs remember the days when airdrops didn’t mean hours spent fulfilling quests. Users simply needed to discover new projects, engage organically, get an airdrop, and watch tokens go to the moon.

As Web3 gained popularity, we started working harder for airdrops, often losing to bots or Sybil attackers. No one wins this way - not users who want to discover new projects, not businesses aiming to onboard new audiences.

Cookie3’s MarketingFi Score returns the OG rewards model, where all the user has to do is provide quality through organic interaction.

All users need to do to start earning their MarketingFi rewards is:

1) Sign up with their wallet;

2) Plug in their social media accounts;

3) Prove to be a long-term quality user providing value to the projects they love;

4) Claim rewards.

Many Platforms, One Powerful Force: The $COOKIE Token Unites All

Forget the old marketing playbook where customer loyalty meant paying more. We've flipped the script. The $COOKIE token revolutionizes how marketing value is distributed, rewarding those who are truly invested in the future of MarketingFi.


  • Universal Utility: The $COOKIE token is at the heart of the Cookie3 ecosystem, weaving through our entire range of products to secure and distribute value back to token holders.
  • Exclusive Rewards: By staking $COOKIE, not only do you earn rewards, but you also get early access to our newest products and exclusive areas within Cookie3.
  • Shape the Future: Holders wield governance power over the Cookie DAO treasury, steering the direction of the $COOKIE token and the ecosystem at large.
Fuelling Entire Cookie3 MarketingFi Ecosystem

Embrace a marketing economy where your engagement and support directly contribute to your rewards. $COOKIE isn't just a token; it's your key to a new era of value distribution.

Largest Industry Names Lock Value In Cookie3

The MarketingFi ecosystem of Cookie3 is built upon years of research and development, complemented by strategic partnerships with leading marketers in both the Web3 and Web2 spaces. Cookie3 has achieved integration with most Web3 marketing solutions and is expanding into Web2. This integration enables the seamless connection of isolated products and services into the MarketingFi ecosystem, facilitating precise targeting of quality users for rewards and incentives distribution.

In its first 9 months on the market, the Cookie3 Analytics platform attracted over 170 users, including some of the industry's biggest names, such as:

KyberSwap, Mantle, ChainGPT, DODO, GameSwift, Polkastarter, eesee, WOO, Linea, and many more.

The Visionaries Behind Cookie3

“The future of marketing lies in rewarding users who own and drive digital
ecosystems. Only this way will digital marketing prove efficient and fair.”

Filip Wielanier, Cookie3 Co-Founder and CEO. LinkedIn

The Cookie3 team has participated in global conferences across cities such as New York, Singapore, Dubai, Berlin, Seoul, and Austin.

The remarkable progress in development, infrastructure, and widespread adoption of Cookie3's solutions is attributed to the collective brilliance of its team. Comprising 23 experts specializing in Web3, Large Language Models (LLM), blockchain technology, and AI, the Cookie3 team boasts seasoned professionals from leading organizations such as AXA, Deloitte, and VISA. Their combined expertise and innovative approach are the driving forces behind Cookie3's success in pioneering the next wave of advancements in the MarketingFi & AI sector.

“Blockchain transparency provides new possibilities for utilizing analytics and AI
in marketing. With large datasets available for AI scoring and analytics, users
can validate their marketing effectiveness and enjoy rewards based on their
involvement with various projects”.

Wojciech Piechociński, Cookie3 Co-Founder and CTO. LinkedIn


Accelerating Success: Cookie3's Journey with ChainGPT Pad

ChainGPT Pad's acceleration program has been supporting Cookie3 for over a month, and we are proud to announce our collaborative efforts. Cookie3 is strategically set for substantial advancements, with this partnership focusing on accelerating its market introduction and enhancing its position in the competitive MarketingFi & AI sector. With ChainGPT Pad's dedicated mentorship, Cookie3 is refining its strategy and offerings.

This encompasses optimizing product systems, evaluating roadmaps, and solidifying action plans. Additionally, ChainGPT Pad is providing expert assistance in marketing, promotions, and community engagement to create a buzz around Cookie3's launch. Cookie3 benefits from strategic advice on product adjustments and navigating the market landscape post-launch.

This collaboration marks a crucial phase for Cookie3, emphasizing the vital role of targeted mentorship and support in realizing a startup's potential. As the first venture to participate in ChainGPT Pad's acceleration program, Cookie3's journey is setting a precedent for future participants, showcasing the significant impact of comprehensive support and strategic planning in the startup ecosystem.

IDO Specifications‍: The Numbers Game 📊

  • Token Price: $0.024
  • IDO Date: TBA
  • Token Symbol: $COOKIE
  • Allocation Size: TBA
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC) without liquidity: $404,000
  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC) with liquidity: $1,180,000
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 4.92%
  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) at TGE: TBA
  • Vesting Schedule: TBA 
  • Launchpads: ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter.
  • Listing Details: TBA

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