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Discover exciting digital rewards and deflationary tokens with EARN’M’s IDO, exclusively on ChainGPT Pad! Read ahead to learn about their focus on the seven billion-plus global mobile market users.

Project Overview

Mode Mobile is the mastermind behind the EARN’M project. The company saw a 32,481% revenue growth rate, establishing it as Deloitte's Fast 500 #1 Fastest Growing Software Company in North America for 2023, surpassing industry juggernauts like DapperLabs. Today, it is establishing the EARN’M loyalty ecosystem, which contains web3 narratives MobileFi, DePIN, Play2Earn, and AI displacement UBI solutions.

EARN’M’s approach stretches to Web2 and Web3 platforms. Its rewards will be available for any digital property, including gaming, trading, streaming, NFTs, and socials.

The EarnOS transforms regular smartphones into EarnPhones. Mode Mobile uses the Earn App & its proprietary EarnPhone as the primary platform to connect users to the ecosystem.

A sustainable airdrop and rewards solution is central to this project and the IDO. EARN’M hopes to achieve that through deflationary vesting and user-generated burns.

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Users can be sure of carefully generated and audited smart contracts for our IDO projects. With that in mind, here are some  advantages of participating in the EARN’M IDO through ChainGPT Pad:

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EARN’M: Key Product Features

EarnOS is the primary product in the ecosystem. However, it receives support from several innovative solutions.

EARN’M is set to take advantage of the over 45 million Mode Mobile audience. The following are products in their ecosystem:

  •  MobileFi to transform smartphones into EarnPhones: Mode Mobile has collaborated with distribution giants, including Google Play, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. Over 17 million EARN’M mystery boxes have been distributed to consumers through EarnOS.
  • DePIN technology empowers users: The proprietary Fractal Box Protocol facilitates this technology. DePIN is essential to combining Web2’s simplicity with Web3’s innovation. Hence, users can easily transition from smartphones to the EarnPhone experience.
  • An AI displacement UBI solution: EARN’M advocates UBI privatization to replace traditional income sources. It also addresses AI displacement, something top visionaries like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have voiced concerns about.
  • Play2Earn: This product will ensure participation on Web2 and Web3 platforms. Everyone, from Discord communities to social platforms, dApps, IDOS, and centralized and decentralized exchanges. Hence, the product creates a sustainable revenue model for users.

Web2 platforms can easily add EARN’M Rewards. Then, users can work through the mystery boxes to reveal their prize. Beyond that, Web3 users will also enjoy rewards from simple activities like NFT purchases.

The EARN’M Loyalty ecosystem is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms. EARN’Mopoly will be part of the ecosystem. It works like the real-life Monopoly game, but you’ll generate $EARNM from the digital properties.

This game will mirror how properties yield rent. Owning an EARN’Monopoly Genesis NFT brings several benefits, including access to a premium airdrop program. You’ll also win entries into the $1 million advertiser sweepstakes.

These rewards come through the EARN’M Crypto Club membership. Owning the Genesis NFT makes you a member.

The Mystery Boxes

These boxes contain prizes across different platforms. Redeeming them can give you up to 500,000 $EARNM tokens, advertiser-sponsored Sweepstakes. Each mystery box can return up to $100,000 in cash and other prizes.

Since its alpha launch, this project has successfully distributed 1.5 million web3 assets. You can cash in your rewards through the Live Alpha dApp.

How EARN’M Solves the Deflationary Rewards and Value Destruction Model

Traditional play-to-earn ecosystems require token creation to be sustainable. Otherwise, they will only exist for a limited time, leaving the users without rewards afterwards.

The inflationary pressures from the traditional rewards model result in value destruction for the tokens. Hence, EARN’M addresses two essential problems with the traditional model. These are as follows:

  •  Inadequate sustainability with unit economics: Unsustainable growth will result in a collapse. Traditional play-to-earn ecosystems and airdrops typically lack long-term viable economic models.
  • Fragmentation: The average user becomes disengaged with fragmented platforms and networks. This limits a project’s potential reach to local community adoption.

EARN’M hopes to solve the above problems through three approaches. These are as follows:

  • A deflationary model available for Web2 and Web3 platforms: The project uses the Fractal Box Protocol to integrate Web2 platforms. This approach solves the fragmentation problem, allowing fragmentation among Web3 experts and non-experts. The user experience allows average Web2 users to benefit from the deflationary model.
  • The Mystery Box gamified model: The wide reach of the mystery boxes makes EARN’M sustainable. They can be applied to many digital ecosystems, decentralizing the digital landscape.

The User-generated Token Burns

EARN’M uses deflationary vesting and user-generated token burns. While you can reveal your mystery box within 30 days, you cannot claim all the tokens immediately. Only 10% of the tokens will be available for claiming in the first six months.

You can choose when to burn and claim your tokens. However, the 12-month vesting period disincentivizes users from opening boxes prematurely. It encourages long-term holding, which makes the project sustainable and deflationary with the gradual burning of tokens.

Mystery boxes will be available as redemption codes. Their distribution can be automated on any platform. Then, you must copy and paste the redemption code into the EARN’M dApp.

One redemption code can contain multiple mystery boxes. Also, the codes can carry sweepstake entries and other rewards.

Key Highlights and Major Milestones

This project has achieved a few milestones since 2017. The major highlights are as follows:

  • Raising a community of 45 million questers with over 2 million 5-star reviews
  • Recorded over $250 million in earnings and savings.
  • Over 500,000 Mystery Box mintings were achieved during the Earn’M Public Alpha launch in January 2024.
  • Became Deloitte’s Fast 500 #1 growing software company in North America in 2023 after reaching a 32.481% growth rate.
  • Raised over $45 million from early backers to drive research.

The $EARNM Token Utility

This token is available on the Polygon network. It is a deflationary mobile rewards currency. Hence, its total supply decreases as it is distributed as a reward.

The token allocation is as follows:

  • Project team: 10%
  • Early backers: 35%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Community: 40%
  • Advisors: 5%

Distribution will gradually occur among the project team, marketing, advisors, and early backers until 2026. The approach is to maintain stability and discourage token dumps.

$EARN will serve several functions within the ecosystem. Although the project team has more functions underway, the current ones include the following:

  • Users can use the tokens to upgrade and enhance their NFTs.
  • The tokens will be used to distribute sweepstakes entries.
  • The tokens will empower physical EarnPhones.
  • Token holders will participate in governance and staking rewards.

The total circulation at the token generation event is yet to be announced. Similarly, the project team has yet to divulge the total number of tokens that will exist.

The Roadmap

EARN’M’s journey started in 2017, and has made a few achievements while aiming for more milestones. Here’s the project roadmap:

2017 to 2022:

  • Marked a $36 million token offering for Current’s $CRNC security token
  • The Mode Earn app reached No. 1 on the Google Play Store.
  • Enabled rewards for the world’s first EarnPhone
  • Features in multiple tech and business publications, including Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC, Business Insider, The Verge, etc.


  • Alpha issued 17 million Mystery Boxes to Mode Mobile earners
  • The $EARN Loyalty ecosystem dApp, Alpha, was launched
  • Integration of Sweepstakes entries into all EARN’M Mystery Boxes


  • Public launch of the $EARNM token and dApp
  • Equip any smartphone provider to launch proprietary EarnPhone solutions worldwide.
  • Achieve an extended launch of the EARN’Monopoly collection

Business Model for EARN’M

This project’s focus is on the mobile-first crypto rewards system. The goal is to dominate mobile, where 90% of the web is located. Notwithstanding, EARN’M is available on desktop.

The business model begins with EARN’M governance, which issues grants to the partners, which are the KOLs and Web2/Web3 platforms. Then, the partners issue rewards to the users through mystery boxes.

EARN’M will generate revenue through gas fees as users redeem their Mystery Box codes. This revenue will be shared between the EARN partners and the project. The latter will use the earnings to buy back $EARNM on the open market and restock the governance treasury for more grants.

The business model is a sustainable cycle for all involved. It entails a deflationary approach as the rewards keep moving through the mystery boxes.

The Team Behind EARN’M

Partners, Backers, and Investors


EARN’M takes a deflationary approach to the token community. Its proprietary Fractal Box Protocol ensures the project reaches Web2 and Web3 communities, so we can expect broad adoption.

You can participate in the EARN’M IDO through ChainGPT Pad and enjoy several benefits, including multi-tier staking. Participation is as simple as visiting our official web page. We’ve hosted several successful IDOs and are confident we can guide you through another successful one.

The EarnPhone is available at major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. It is compatible with Freedom Pop, AT&T, T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, Tello, and other US carriers. Nonetheless, you don’t need to own one to participate in the IDO as the $EARNM gears up for public launch.

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