Introducing ChainGPT V1!
We’ve been building.
After months of anticipation, coding, design, and preparation, we are excited to announce that ChainGPT V1 arrives August 10th.

What is ChainGPT V1?

Acting as an AI-powered operating system, ChainGPT V1 is the dashboard Web3 has been waiting for. Encompassing a full suite of tooling for navigating the wild world of crypto, ever grade of user, from traders and investors to researchers and developers, will now be able to supercharge their workflows through an intuitive interface.

ChainGPT has united every individual application of its AI model including the Chatbot, the NFT Generator, the smart contract auditor and generator, with the ecosystem components of the ChainGPT DAO, the $CGPT staking modules, and API access to facilitate a new generation of informational management and discovery.

V1 Features

Everything you need and more.

The ChainGPT V1 has been imbued with the most desirable capabilities at the intersection of blockchain, crypto, Web3 and AI.

Automated AI Newsfeed

Real news, real-time.

ChainGPT has developed the most sophisticated AI-powered news technology for the Crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry. One of a kind system that scavenges the far corners of the internet to scrapes all of the most relevant information from trusted outlets and social platforms, processes it to generate succinct, to-the-point summarizations that highlights everything you need to know and removes everything you don’t.

AI Chatbot

Your friendly neighborhood ultra-genius personal assistant.

Becoming a staple for many Web3 communities on Telegram and Discord, the ChainGPT AI Chatbot has redefined social coordination through an interactive, dynamic database that engages and entertains users.

Receiving an upgrade with new capabilities & bug fixes that supersede its predecessor beta version; the V1 chatbot is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Extending its reach across a much broader range of sources for gathering live information from the world of Web3, the chatbot will be able to conduct much deeper, more granular market analysis through its adaptation of technical indicators to aid traders and investors in their research.

It has been tuned to track all major launchpad and IDO platforms, providing a more holistic view of the startup landscape. Initially having a surface level set of assets that were limited in scope, the upgraded chatbot has been plugged in to service over 5,000 coins/tokens (and will be constantly expanding).

As it pertains to the bug fixes, all minor and major points of friction for the users have been mended. Response times have been compressed, accuracy has been calibrated for higher contextual fidelity, and error potential has been minimized.

Prompt Marketplace

Facilitating the exchange of generative ideas.

Prompts are the lifeblood that give AI purpose.

Prompts are the the right questions to be asked, the accurate instructions given, the ideas formulated so intelligently that machines have no choice but to do as it is told.

Considered to be one of the most valuable skills in the tech industry today, prompt engineering has given rise to a radical new class of digital assets, prompt.

ChainGPT V1 dashboard is cognizant of the inherent value preposition made possible through prompt; this it has been designed with its own prompt marketplace. The Marketplace acts as a focal point where users can share their ideas and build potential streams of revenue from their aptitude within the realm of commanding the skills to accurately engage with generative AI systems.

Accounted for the $CGPT token, the marketplace enables users to buy, sell, & trade prompts.

AI NFT Generator

Imagine, ask, receive.

Non-fungible tokens; the hottest topic of 2022.

The dreamweavers that bridge the gap between an idea and reality.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator was released to the pubic in Early June of 2023. After just two months of operations, a community of over 100,000 active users have contributed to growing the creative footprint of ChainGPT by generating over 4,500,000 NFTs.

Taking a text prompt as input, the ChainGPT AI NFT generator giver users the ability to materialize their ideas into eternal pieces of digital art. Be it a single piece or a collection of 10,000, with a few words and the click of a button, a mere 60 seconds stands between a thought and a piece of art.

Already integrated into five of the leading blockchains including BNB Chain, opBNB, Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum; the V1 is capable of catering to multiple different communities and demands.

*Be advised*
While the free version allows single-generative capabilities to its users; those looking to deploy larger project if 10,000 NFT pieces can easily do so under the umbrella of ChainGPT’s Freemium or Paid plans.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator is not just a tool — it’s a revolution that is empowering a new grade of entrepreneurs, artists, and communities.

AI Powered Solidity Smart-Contracts Auditor & Generator

Imagine if your third arm was a developer.

Solidity smart-contracts are intricate pieces of code that require diligence, patience, and resources. ChainGPT’s V1 is taking that model and flipping it on its head; creating and auditing contracts is now a breeze.

Have an idea to create your own decentralized exchange? Maybe you want to make your own NFT marketplace? How about a DEFI protocol that leverages elements of two different projects in one? Now, through the superpower of prompt engineering (just asking some good questions), ChainGPT will spin up contracts of any complexity in a matter of minutes.

Auditing is a notoriously time consuming process, requiring groups of cybersecurity experts, and endless amount of resources. Now with ChainGPT V1 auditing code is a matter of click, copy, paste and within minutes you will have a report with a block by block attestation that describes what your contract does, how it does it, and if any logical issues are visible.

ChainGPT is giving development teams the ultimate tool for quality assurance and iteration.

Membership and Access

A three tier membership system based on the degree of access and type of applications that users desire has been baked into the V1.

Free Plan
For those looking to play around.

Simple, restricted configuration of the introductory functions granted to every account on the V1. Providing a limited degree of access to the five core applications including the General AI model (chatbot), the news feed, the Ask Crypto People app, Single NFT Generation, and participation in the prompt marketplace.

PPP Plan
For those willing to experiment.

Flexible, non-committal access to the entire application suite; The pay-per-prompt plan offers unlimited access to everything including the Smart Contact auditing and generations, multi-NFT (collection) generation, the trading assistant, alongside everything in the free plan.

Freemium Plan
For those looking to take their ideas to the next level.

Catering to the grade of users that have high demands and need peak performance. The Freemium plan requires that users accumulate >200,000 CGPTsp by staking their $CGPT tokens and provides them with unlimited access to the entire product suite, as well as, a recurrent monthly CGPT credits balance of 20,000 CGPTc. Moreover, the benefits provided of Freemium extend beyond product and into the ecosystem by imbuing users with the right to submit proposals to the ChainGPT DAO and guide the development of the platform.

In order to unlock the full spectrum of functionality, a user will be able to swiftly create their accounts by linking their Web3 wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow wallet, etc..)

In celebration of this momentous evolution for ChainGPT; an honorary proposal, “DAO Proposal #7: ChainGPT V1 Release Celebration — $50,000 CGPT Buy-Back & Burn Event!” was submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for the members to deliberate.

After a 72 hour voting period from August 3 to August 6, the proposal was passed with a 96% vote in favor of the event taking place.

View the results here.

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