July Monthly Recap — ChainGPT

ChainGPT is bringing the heat this summer!

Accelerating our rate of growth, our on-chain footprint, and our off-chain presence, July proved to be a spectacularly successful month jam-packed with new product releases, new partnerships, $CGPT campaigns, AMAs, and even the hosting of our first IDO on the ChainGPT Pad!

Here is a recap of July for the leading crypto, blockchain, and Web3 AI infrastructure provider (us):

🍌 $CGPT/$BUSD Bond launched with ApeSwap

Listing the $CGPT token on Apeswap’s exchange and creating the first ever $CGPT/$BUSD liquidity bonds. ChainGPT allocated $25,000 worth of $CGPT to bootstrapping the demand for Bond’s, after a month long campaign, $CGPT turned out to be among the most successful Bonds on their marketplace!
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🐣 Tradetomato Incubation Announced

Tradetomato, the AI-powered trading and portfolio management toolkit has passed our rigorous due diligence and quality assurance processes with flying colors. The team’s vision, mission, and technology has inspired us to support them on their journey to Web3!
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🛫 ChainGPT Pad is Launched

We launched our own IDO platform called the ChainGPT Pad. Having no time to waste, we pre-empted any empty time slots by orchestrating agreements with three projects (our incubates) that have passes the MVP, team, and social thresholds for listing on the Pad.
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🌊 V2 Staking Pools Released

Four new $CGPT staking modules with new durations, new APY rates, and new utilities for accessing tier levels in the ChainGPT pad have been released. Total token capacity has now increased by over 7,000,000 $CGPT and more opportunities for the community are now available.
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🥩 $CGPT KuCoin Staking Pool

In collaboration with our partner KuCoin exchange, we have launched a limited high-APY staking pool for the $CGPT token. With a eye watering 50% APY rate, there has been a hard cap of 5,000,000 tokens allocated.
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🤝 Partnership with CryptoRank

Joining forces with CryptoRank, ChainGPT has launched an honorary campaign where 20 lucky users get the chance for be for the upcoming DexCheck IDO.
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🏆 ChainGPT x YouMeme x DexCheck WL Meme Contest

ChainGPT sponsored a meme contest on the YouMeme platform where users showed off their meme creation skills to earn a whitelist for the DexCheck IDO.
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💎 DexCheck IDO

Dexcheck, the AI-powered crypto and blockchain analytics platform hosted its $DCK IDO on the ChainGPT Pad. Being one of our incubates, DexCheck was the first project to do so and it was a phenomenal success. Within just 15 hours of the campaign launch $DCK max cap was hit; 20,000,000 tokens were sold and $200,000 were raised.
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🎤 AMAs Sessions (>10X)

ChainGPT has been building its presence and networking with a multitude of other projects by constantly attending Ask-Me-Anything jam sessions. July included DexCheck, Binance Live, FounderHeads, SpaceID, Pancake Swap, Crypto Eagles, Kucoin, and a handful of others!
📢 AMA (Founderhead VC)
📼 Kucoin, Dexcheck Recording

🤝 ChainGPT x NFTb Partnership

A strategic alliance between NFTb, the burgeoning NFT marketplace and ChainGPT to accelerate the presence of AI in the NFT sector. Our model was trained on the NFTb ecosystem and the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator became available to the NFTb community.
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🔌 Integration w/ opBNB

Binance Smart Chain, one of the leading EVM networks and home of the $CGPT token has deployed the testnet for its layer two scalling solution opBNB. Based on the Optimism bedrock stack, opBNB is a rollup bringing a whole new world of functionality and performance to the BNB/BSC ecosystem. ChainGPT wastes no time and integrates the opBNB network by feeding our AI model on all of the available information and plugs in the AI NFT Generator allowing user to start minting their creations on the opBNB network.
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🤝 Partnership w/ AirNFTs

Continuing to supercharge the world of NFTs with AI capabilities, we have partnered with AirNFTs to bring the ChainGPT AI Bot into their community Discord and Telegram channels. But what would a partnership be without us training the ChainGPT AI model on the AirNFTs ecosystem; now the world will be able to ask us anything about them and find out in seconds.
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🤩 Over 3,000,000 NFTs created in NFT Generator

The ChainGPT AI NFT generator continues along it exponential trajectory; more users than ever before have generated more than 3,000,000 NFTs!
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👨‍🎤 400,000 Twitter Followers +

The $CGPT community continues to grow its presence on the industries most popular social media network, Twitter (or now called X). Blowing past the 400,000 mark ChainGPT is excited and grateful for the vibrant community joining us on the journey to total Web3 AI domination!
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🙆‍♂️>12,000 On-chain Holders

ChainGPT’s $CGPT token has been growing its on-chain footprint since launch. We are proud to have crossed over 12,500 on-chain addresses now holding $CGPT.
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🧰ChainGPT on AI’s Impact on Web3 Labor Markets

ChainGPT publishes its thoughts on the state of AI in relation to the future of jobs. Breaking myths and keeping a cool head, we discuss the reality of the situation and shed light on what we believe the future may hold in store for us.
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