Weekly Roundup 06.23–06.30
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
$CGPT staking, liquidity pool evolutions, new incubations, a peek into our thinking behind the ChainGPT AI model, and winning auctions. There is no stopping us now; here is a recap of what took place last week:

🥩 $CGPT Staking Pools get Filled

This was the final round of High-APY yield staking modules and they have been filled to the brim! The 45, 180, and 365 days day pools have been locked in; congratulations to those that made it on time!
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🤖 ChainGPT AI Model Is Explained

ChainGPT dives in to explore the thinking that when into the architecture and design of the ChainGPT AI Model. Digging into the eight foundational principles including NLP, Machine Learning, Transformer Architecture, Pre-Trained Language Model, Generative Modeling, Fine-Tuning, Tokenization, and Contextual Awareness, our community can now see what we are building.
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🐣 Incubation Reveal: Solidus AI Tech

We revealed a new incubation partner, Solidus AI Tech. After completing our rigorous due diligence processes, the quality of their project, team, and technology inspired us to bring them into the ChainGPT ecosystem and support them on their journey.
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🌊 $CGPT/$BUSD Pool Migration in BiSwap from V2 to V3

BiSwap as upgraded its systems and released the AMM V3 model. Signaling support for their new infrastructure, ChainGPT has migrated its liquidity pool from V2 to V3. Single transaction LPing, lower slippage, tighter spread, 0% trading fees, a new era of capital efficiency has arrive for $CGPT on BiSwap.
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👨‍🌾 ChainGPT Wins Farm Auction on PancakeSwap

ChainGPT won the 35th  PancakeSwap farm auction! Massive $CGPT incentives for proving liquidity and an inclusion of $CAKE rewards for our LPs.

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