Weekly Roundup 06.30–07.07

The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!

New $CGPT tools, IDO and Incubation announcements, how-to guides, and AMAs with our partners. Every week we step closer to the vision of an AI powered Web3; here is a recap of what took place in the last seven days:

🍌 $CGPT/$BUSD Bond launched with ApeSwap

After listing the $CGPT token on Apeswap, the two of us collaborated to create the first ever $CGPT/$BUSD liquidity bonds. With $25,000 worth of $CGPT allocated to bootstrapping the Bond’s, we are excited to expand opportunities for our LPs ad see where this goes!
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🎤 AMA with SpaceID

ChainGPT joined the SpaceID weekly partnership AMA on Twitter Spaces to have a jam session on the synergies in the intersection of AI and Web3.
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🎤 AMA w/ Pancake Swap

Pancake Swap hosts an Ask-Me-Anything telegram session with the ChainGPT CEO Ilan Rakhmanov. Questions were answered and $750 of USDT was distributed to participants!
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💹 DexCheck $DCK IDO Announced

The first project to go through the ChainGPT Incubation program is prepared to go to IDO. Total token allocation was revealed and a Certik security audit was passed. Initially scheduled for July 10th, the $DCK IDO was moved over to July 17th due to high demands, giving more people a chance to sign up!
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🐣 Tradetomato Incubation Announced

Tradetomato, the AI-powered trading and portfolio management toolkit has passed our rigorous due diligence and quality assurance processes with flying colors. The team’s vision, mission, and technology has inspired us to support them on their journey to Web3!
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🛡 ChainGPT Pad KYC Guide Published

ChainGPT published its official guide to passing the ChainGPT Pad KYC. A Step-by-step guide walking people through the process in preparation for participation in the launches of some of the most promising crypto, blockchain, and Web3 startups!
📑 How-To KYC

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