Weekly Roundup 09.22–09.29
The journey to blockchain AI infrastructure continues with another phenomenal week for ChainGPT!
New Incubations, IDOs being announced, Tech Deep Dives, DAO Proposals, End-of-Summer Campaigns, Partnerships, new network integrations, and thats all before lunchtime. ChainGPT does not stop growing, here is a recap of what took place last week:

📊 Community Poll

The third official community poll where we tested the knowledge of the ChainGPT community by asking “How many CGPTsp are required in order to Acquire Diamond Status” was concluded. We are proud to say that out community knows our ecosystem best! What would a poll be without some prizes, two lucky members won $100 worth of $CGPT for their expertise
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🎙 Kucoin Deep Dive Spaces

Join us for a fireside Ask Me Anything Jam session led by ChainGPT’s CEO Ilan Rakhmanov and Kucoin. Learn about how we are looking at the future of AI, what ChainGPT has in store, and so much more!
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🛫 Chappyz IDO on ChainGPT Pad Announced

New IDO announced for ChainGPT Pad. Chappyz, AI powered plug-and-play protocol that helps build real community engagement & growth, will be launching its $CHAPZ token on ChainGPT Pad.
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👨‍⚖️ DAO Proposal #9

A new proposal has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for the communities considerations. Aptly titled “Migration Of ChainGPT Liquidity From Uniswap (ETH) To PancakeSwap V2 (BSC)”,ChainGPT is seeking to unify its cross-chain cross-platform liquidity and increase the depth on Binance Chain. Voting period is from September 26 through the 29!
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🤩 zkLink: Summer Tour Campaign!

zkLink has been hosting on-chain campaigns with ChainGPT being one of the application interfaces for acquiring loyalty points. With time running out, join the Galxe campaign and mint your NFT through ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator to earn your points!
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🤝 Partnership with Tron

Joining forces with TronDAO to bring the power of ChainGPT’s AI to new horizons, ChainGPT has integrated the Tron Network into its application suite and trained the AI model on everything TRX!
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🐣 GT-Protocol Incubation Reveal

Last week ChainGPT Pad announced that it has welcomed a new project into its incubation program and promised to reveal it soon. Well, keeping to our word, we announced GT-Protocol’s induction into the incubation program and invevitable arrival in the marketplace via an IDO on the ChainGPT Pad!
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🛫 OpenFabric IDO Announced

A second IDO has come knocking at the door of ChainGPT Pad’s flourishing community. OpenFabric AI, the decentralized layer 1 platform looking to transform the supply chain industry has announced that it will be launching its token via an Initial DEX Offer on ChainGPT’s launchpad.
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